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NOM-Endorsed Author Fears “Brave New World” Where Gay Couples Can Have Children

July 03, 2013 2:45 pm ET by Luke Brinker

Robert Oscar Lopez

Anti-gay activist Robert Oscar Lopez sees an ominous “brave new world” that allows gay couples to raise “synthetic babies” after the Supreme Court’s marriage equality rulings.

Writing for American Thinker on July 3, Lopez, whose work is repeatedly cited by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), predicted that increased acceptance of LGBT Americans and allowing them to marry would lead to a boom in “commercialized procreation.”

Lopez describes surrogacy as “a woman bearing a child and abandoning it to a couple in exchange for pay.”  Citing efforts to repeal Washington, D.C.’s anti-surrogacy laws and international moves to expand in-vitro fertilization, Lopez claims that “the gay lobby” seeks to upend family and reproductive norms:

There are currently efforts in the name of "family equality" to roll back the law against surrogacy.  Before the city's Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary, Nancy Polikoff, who is a professor from American University and serves as the faculty chair of the powerful pro-gay Williams Institute, told a fawning audience that "[f]or more than 20 years advocates for lesbian and gay parents have emphasized that genetics is neither necessary nor sufficient to create parentage."

The speech given by Poliakoff is not isolated. Argentina is the latest nation to pass laws -- again, invoking gay and lesbian equality -- mandating that public health plans finance in vitro fertilization:

The law's basic tenet is that every adult, regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression, or economic situation, has a right to reproduce. Now Argentina, like the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Israel, and the province of Quebec, is committed to providing IVF as a matter of universal health care and services.

"Genetics is neither necessary nor sufficient."  That's a universalizing statement, and it points to a swollen state apparatus that will deem what is necessary and sufficient for parentage.  There's no mystery as to which interest groups will likely hold decisive sway over the government entities empowered to "assign" parentage in a world where parents are no longer the mother and father who produced a child by making love.

Additionally, Lopez characterizes adoption as “a smokescreen for the bigger push to equalize gays by severing the act of lovemaking from parenthood.” He smears LGBT activists as caring more about “put[ting] Christian adoption agencies out of business” than providing caring homes for children.

Such rhetoric is par for the course for Lopez, who was a featured speaker at NOM’s anti-marriage equality rally outside the Supreme Court in March. In a May column for the right-wing Witherspoon Institute, Lopez called it “racist and condescending” for same-sex couples to seek to adopt non-white children.

Among Lopez’s other greatest hits: an American Thinker column proclaiming, “Yes, gay is a choice. Get over it,” and his statement that the LGBT movement was responsible for “a global crisis of human rights violations” demanding “international pressure… to halt their complicity with multiple violations of human rights.”

Lopez, who has been celebrated by NOM and its co-founder Maggie Gallagher, perfectly encapsulates the extremism of the anti-equality forces aiming to block progress on LGBT rights. That he cloaks his animus toward gays and lesbians in his purported concern for the welfare of children and families makes his statements all the more dangerous.


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