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Wash. Times' Kuhner: LGBT Movement Waging War On Human Nature

July 08, 2013 11:00 am ET by Luke Brinker

Washington Times columnist Jeffrey Kuhner took time out of his Fourth of July weekend to condemn the LGBT movement for its "war on religion and, ultimately, human nature itself."

In a July 5 column, Kuhner cited a litany of grievances against "the homosexual lifestyle," which, he lamented, is no longer "considered a moral abomination." LGBT activists, he charged, seek nothing less than the wholesale destruction of flag, faith, and family.

Kuhner erupted at pop singer Lady Gaga over her recent performance at New York City's Gay Pride festivities, where she concluded the national anthem by hailing the "land of the free and the home of the gay." Kuhner - whose history of anti-gay animus includes calling openly lesbian Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) "Barney Frank in a dress" - judged the inclusion of "gay" an unforgivable crime. Lady Gaga, he declared, "defame[d] the national anthem, insulting everyone who has ever fought or died for our country."

Meanwhile, Kuhner went on, The New Yorker's cover depicting "Sesame Street" characters Bert and Ernie as a gay couple proves that "secular progressives" aim to "indoctrinate the youth." The larger aim of the LGBT rights movement, in his view? "In short, it's about fostering a cultural revolution - one that overturns Judeo-Christian civilization."

That's what Kuhner asserts is the "real meaning" ultimately lies behind the Supreme Court's recent marriage equality rulings:

Homosexual "marriage" is a contradiction. The central purpose of marriage is procreation — creating, raising and socializing children. It is how one generation perpetuates itself to the next. Homosexuality — by its very nature — is barren. It is unable to produce the one thing needed for a social order to survive: offspring. Almost every major religion, civilization and culture going back thousands of years has defined marriage as a sacred union between a man and a woman. Men and women are essentially different — biologically, emotionally and physically. They complement each other, and it is this unique complementarity that is necessary for the proper upbringing and nurturing of children. This is why the traditional family has been considered the basic unit of society. The great moral crisis of our age is the breakdown of the family.

The homosexual agenda is cultural Marxism masquerading as "progress." Its goal is to redefine the family into an appendage of the homosexual movement, seeking to transform men and women into interchangeable parts. Children don't need two daddies or two mommies. They need a father and a mother. Same-sex marriage is not just wrong. It goes against nature, morality and God. That's why — like every other attempt at social engineering — it is doomed to fail. The cultural wreckage, however, will be immense. America is sliding toward Sodom and Gomorrah.


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