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WND Condemns General Mills For "Homosexualizing" Betty Crocker

July 31, 2013 1:24 pm ET by Luke Brinker

Right-wing website reacted with outrage to the news that General Mills' Betty Crocker brand will provide free wedding cakes to the first same-sex couples to wed in Minnesota once marriage equality takes effect in the state on August 1.

A July 30 WND article blasted General Mills for its support of marriage equality, stating that the company's move represents the "next step after homosexualizing Lucky Charms" - a reference to the General Mills' celebration of Pride Month by adding rainbow marshmallows to one of its iconic cereals. Touting the National Organization for Marriage's (NOM) unsuccessful boycott against General Mills, WND claimed that General Mills' support for gay couples shows the company is intent on "undoing ... traditional marriage":

The National Organization for Marriage has a "Dump General Mills" campaign, which seeks to educate the American consumer about how the profits on food sales is spent by the company.

"I never thought that by eating Cheerios for breakfast I would be supporting gay marriage," starts the organization's sample petition signed by tens of thousands of people.

"Your decision to pander to same-sex marriage activists has forced me to choose between your food products and my conscience," the petition says. "As long as food is produced by other companies my conscience is going to win out over the desire for another bowl of Lucky Charms.

"Until you stop supporting this radical social agenda I must, in good conscience, look for substitutes that I can purchase instead of the following brands."

The group lists dozens of common food products that help support the undoing of traditional marriage.

WND is also horrified that General Mills embraces the diversity of modern families:

General Mills took the opportunity to poke traditional marriage supporters with its comment that it was "easy to think of a homemaker as a stereotype from an earlier time."

"And, to many of us, it seems like a homemaker can only be part of a certain kind of family. But these days, a homemaker is anyone who makes a home," the company states.

The food giant notes 71 percent of Americans say that they have "old-fashioned values about marriage and family," while quickly pointing out that "we" don't really want to be "old-fashioned," but simply want to be "together."

That's when the company says there's a "new normal" when it comes to families.

Like NOM itself, which decried pro-equality supporters of last year's Chick-fil-A boycott as "intolerant," even as it pushed for a boycott of General Mills, WND is displaying boycott hypocrisy. One year ago, the website aggressively promoted claims that it was un-American to boycott a private company on account of its executives' beliefs. But when a company does things like "homosexualize" cakes and cereals, apparently the usual principles don't apply.


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