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Bryan Fischer: Post-DADT Military "Emasculated, Neutered, Feminized, And Weakened Beyond Repair"

July 31, 2013 3:42 pm ET by Luke Brinker

Bryan Fischer, director of issues analysis at the right-wing American Family Association (AFA), spewed multiple falsehoods about the effects of the nearly three-year-old repeal of the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) policy on gays in the military.

In a July 31 post for AFA, Fischer asserted that the inclusion of gays and lesbians in the armed forces is part of President Barack Obama's idea that the nation must be "torn down" so that it may be "rebuilt from the ground up according to his twisted utopian, socialist, anti-American and anti-Christian vision":

It is no secret that President Obama has a visceral dislike of America as founded. He believes that America is incurably, irredeemably racist in its very DNA. In his view, because this defect is a part of our national core, it cannot be fixed. The house must be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up according to his twisted utopian, socialist, anti-American and anti-Christian vision.


If America is to be brought down, our military must be emasculated, neutered, feminized, and weakened beyond repair.


First, homosexuals have been forced into the military against the will of military leaders. Despite the fact that the heads of three of the four branches of the military testified that admitting open homosexuals into the military would compromise recruitment, readiness and retention, Obama did it anyway. He did not force gays into the military in spite of these consequences, he did it because of these consequences. This is what he wants: a military unable to recruit, unready for battle, and unable to retain its finest warriors.

While the then-heads of three military branches indeed raised concerns about repeal in 2010 - even as Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen expressed his strong support for allowing gays and lesbians to serve - the service chiefs swiftly implemented the new, gay-inclusive policy once it took effect. Stars and Stripes reported in July 2011 that the service chiefs were unanimous and unequivocal in their support for carrying out the military's new policy.

Moreover, just as the experience of other nations that allowed gays and lesbians to serve already demonstrated, permitting openly gay soldiers to serve has not negatively impacted readiness or recruitment, as a comprehensive study conducted for the Palm Center, a research institute focused on gender, sexuality, and the military, found one year after DADT's repeal.

But easily debunked assertions don't stop there. Fischer also argued that as gays are "forced into the military, Christians are being forced out":

Second, as homosexuals are being forced into the military, Christians are being forced out. Again, this is intentional on the part of this president, who has profound sympathies for Islam but none for Christianity. Chaplains are being censored, pro-family groups like AFA are being identified in military training sessions as threats to national security, and Christians who have a problem with open homosexuality are told to find another line of work. Since the more devout a Christian is, the more of a patriot he is, the military is being stripped of both its faith and its patriotism.

There is no military campaign to purge Christians. Right-wing commentators have seized on one case of insubordination - in which an airman told his superiors that conducting a same-sex wedding at West Point was a "slap in the face," and whose reenlistment contract was consequently reduced - to advance this argument, but the facts of the case don't support their horror stories. Though Fischer might imagine that equality for gay and lesbian soldiers is a pretext for robbing others of their freedom and destroying the armed forces, right-wing fear mongering about open military service doesn't seem to be getting any more credible with time.


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