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Liberty Counsel's Barber: America Is Inviting God's Wrath By Embracing "Abominable" LGBT Equality

August 05, 2013 3:23 pm ET by Luke Brinker

Matt Barber declared that although "the hour is late," he is praying on behalf of the nation for heavenly "forgiveness" for a litany of American sins, including homosexuality.

In an August 5 Townhall column titled "A Prayer for a Nation in Rebellion," Barber, vice president of the anti-gay Liberty Counsel Action, said that Americans "have sown seeds of wickedness" and must "repent." Among the "sins" Barber singled out was the nation's growing acceptance of "perverted" sexuality:

We confess that we have perverted Your design for human sexuality. We have taken sins that You deem "abominable" and called them "equality." We have mocked marriage, spurred divorce, scorned purity, glorified promiscuity, sexualized our children, belittled our stay-at-home mothers, stunted natural reproduction and called it all "liberation."

Writing that "justice demands" divine wrath, Barber nonetheless "beg[ged]" the almighty to forgive and spare the nation, even though Americans don't quite deserve it:

Your word tells us that "the wages of sin is death." Indeed, as died many once mighty, hard-fallen nations before us, justice demands that we reap a yield most destructive.

And we may yet.

Even still, we implore You to suspend sentence. For these and manifold sins, hitherto unnamed, of both act and omission - individual and corporate - we beg your forgiveness, Lord Jesus.

This isn't the first time Barber has offered an apocalyptic take on gay rights. Last month, he told right-wing radio host Janet Mefferd that Christians must be prepared to "go to jail" and "obey the laws of God" before surrendering to such "laws of man" as "counterfeit same-sex marriage." Barber has also predicted a rapid descent into bestiality and anarchy as a result of anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT individuals.


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