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NOM's Frank Schubert Pens Ignorant Attack On Transgender People

August 13, 2013 12:40 pm ET by Luke Brinker

Frank Schubert, the national political director of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), launched a screed against transgender people and dismissed the very notion of gender identity as "the latest craze from the left."

Writing for Fox News contributor Erick Erickson's on August 13, Schubert decried state laws ensuring equal protection for transgender students - including one signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown on August 12. Throughout the post, Schubert conflated gender with biological sex, making clear that he's far from well-versed in the scientific literature that acknowledges the sex/gender distinction and affirms that transgender identities are not disorders. Proceeding from this ignorance, Schubert wrote that it's just as outlandish for him, a white man, to claim that he's African-American, as it is for a person to identify as something other than his or her biological sex:

You might look at my Caucasian features and wonder why I am claiming to be an African American.  I may not be a natural descendent of African American lineage, but I feel black and have thus decided to identify as African American. Since I identify as African American, I am African American, and you must accept me as such. Because I claim my identity as an African American, I demand that the law recognize me as such and afford me all the rights and obligations of that ethnicity.

You may think that my decision to claim an African American identity is ridiculous. You would be right. Ethnicity is determined by ancestry and genetic lineage, not by someone's identified perceptions and "feelings." But it's no more ridiculous than the latest craze from the left concerning something they call "gender identity."


The truth, however, is that there is no such thing as "gender identity" any more than there is "ethnic identity." There is only gender.

The American Psychiatric Association may disagree with this interpretation, but who needs them when you've got Frank Schubert, professional opponent of LGBT equality, to tell you otherwise?

Erickson's RedState is a natural forum for Schubert's anti-science, transphobic bigotry. On August , Erickson embarked on a Twitter rant against transgender people. Like Schubert, Erickson confused sex and gender, while saying he found the growing movement to accept transgender rights "sad."

Meanwhile, Schubert's condemnation of transgender people only further demonstrates that NOM officials like President Brian Brown are lying when they proclaim that they're not anti-LGBT per se, just anti-marriage equality.


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