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Liberty Counsel's Barber To LGBT Victims Of Discrimination: "Cry Me A River"

August 19, 2013 10:58 am ET by Luke Brinker

Two weeks after warning Americans that their acceptance of homosexuality was inviting God's wrath, Liberty Counsel Action Vice President Matt Barber denounced "[t]he homofascist rainbow-shirts" who support laws protecting LGBT consumers from discrimination.

In an August 19 column for, Barber asserted that laws banning anti-LGBT discrimination are about more than ensuring equal protection for a historically marginalized minority group. He argued that "sin-centric" LGBT rights supporters are actually trying to advance a much more sinister goal - to "bludgeon" Christianity:

The homofascist rainbow-shirts are at it again. They've unsheathed, once more, their anti-Christian long knives.

Back in April, I wrote the following in a column headlined "Religious freedom and 'gay marriage' cannot coexist": "'Gay pride' necessitates anti-Christian hate. It must. 'Gay marriage' and other 'sexual orientation'-based laws do violence to freedom and truth. They are the hammer with which the postmodern left intends to bludgeon bloody religious liberty and the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic."

Liberals are anything if not predictable.

To advance his claim about the "homofascist" assault on religion, Barber cited a complaint against an Oregon bakery that violated the state's non-discrimination law by refusing to provide a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. Such laws, he said, are fundamentally "anti-Christian." To those who, without such laws, would encounter discrimination, Barber has a ready message: "Cry me a river":

Look, you have every right to dress up in two wedding gowns or two tuxedos, get pretend "married" and play house to your hearts' content. You do not have the right, however, to force others to abandon their sincerely held religious beliefs, thousands of years of history and the immutable reality of human biology to engage your little fantasy. No amount of hand-wringing, gnashing of teeth, suing Christians or filing charges against those of us who live in marriage reality will make us recognize your silly so-called "marriage equality."

Rather than trying to compel these Christians to participate in their counter-Christian mock marriage, all Ms. Rachel and Ms. Laurel had to do was take their business down the street. There are, no doubt, many bakers who share their worldly sexual morals (or lack thereof).

Imagine if a Christian came into a "gay"-owned bakery and demanded a cake with these words: "Homosexual behavior is shameful: Romans 1:27." Think the left would be clamoring for charges against the baker if he refused? Me neither. In fact, I'd be the first to defend his right to "discriminate" against the Christian.

Or what if some anti-gun nut printing service refused to produce flyers for an NRA rally? Shouldn't they have that right?

Or if some hippy bed and breakfast owner refused to host a conference challenging global warming alarmism. Shouldn't he have the right to operate his business in accordance with his sincerely held beliefs?

Of course he should.

And so should Christians.

But ... But ... discrimination! "Homophobia"!

I know. Cry me a river.

Barber's message may not satisfy LGBT individuals who have experienced discrimination based on nothing more than their sexual orientation or gender identity, but he's convinced that there are far bigger things at stake in the debate over non-discrimination laws. In December, he predicted that if such laws continue to be enacted, we'll witness a chaotic descent into bestiality and anarchy.


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