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WND's Farah Fears "Brave New World" That Protects Transgender Students

August 20, 2013 4:25 pm ET by Luke Brinker

WND founder and editor-in-chief Joseph Farah decried the "insanity" of a new California law that protects the right of transgender students to use facilities and play on sports teams that correspond to their gender identities, warning that "[w]hat starts in California spreads across the nation."

In an August 19 column for WND, Farah asserted that California "is peddling perversion to little schoolchildren" and opening the door to all manner of inappropriate bathroom behavior:

Have you heard about the latest way the state is peddling perversion to little schoolchildren?

A new law, passed by both houses of the legislature and signed by Gov. Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown, mandates that public school girls' restrooms and locker rooms be open to boys who claim they are "transgendered." Ditto for boys' restrooms and locker rooms.

Now keep in mind "transgenderism" is a somewhat undefined "condition," if it is an actual condition at all. Some interpret it to be those who have actually undergone sex change operations. But very few children have done that, simply because very few doctors, with the exception of a few quacks, would perform such surgery on children, who are often confused about their sexual identity. Others interpret it much more broadly. For instance, a child might just say he or she feels more like a member of the opposite sex.

Can you imagine subjecting children to this kind of sexual abuse under government mandate?

That's what's up in California.

Perhaps Farah - B.A., Communications, William Paterson University - knows something about transgender issues that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Psychiatric Association don't, but both organizations confirm that transgender identities do, in fact, exist. The AAP reports that gender identity is generally established by age four, so Farah's insistence that children will be changing their gender identities willy-nilly only shows how little he knows about transgender people.

It's also possible - but exceedingly unlikely - that Farah has exclusive access to reports of widespread "sexual abuse" as a result of protections for transgender students, but school districts that have enacted measures like California's have reported no instances of sexual misconduct and have declared that the programs have produced "nothing but positive results."

But Farah urged that "normal people with common sense" resist such protections, lest they spread to other parts of the country. Farah fears it may be a losing fight. Look no further than how rapidly his bigoted views have become passé:

Think back 10 years. Would you have believed same-sex marriage would be upheld at the U.S. Supreme Court? It would have been unthinkable. Even worse, who could have imagined that the majority opinion would label anyone who opposed it a bigot?

It wasn't that long ago that California voters themselves rejected it - only to see a homosexual federal judge ram it down the throats of the majority.

Do you think I'm being overly harsh and judgmental?

Then you don't understand what's coming.

It's a brave new world that is unsafe for children and other living things.


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