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WND Columnist: Russia Should Take Back The Rainbow

September 12, 2013 10:45 am ET by Luke Brinker

WND published a column by notorious hate group leader Scott Lively urging anti-gay activists to reclaim the rainbow from the LGBT movement before "only those wanting to promote homosexuality will dare to use it." Lively wrote that the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia offers a prime opportunity to "catch the 'gays' in their own trap" by "rescu[ing] God's rainbow."

In a September 11 column, Lively, head of the hate group Abiding Truth Ministries, called the LGBT movement's use of the rainbow flag "an act of defiance against God." Lively argued that if anti-gay forces take back the rainbow, they'll "rescue" it from its association with LGBT activists. He proposed that the Winter Games in Russia, a country in the middle of a brutal crackdown on LGBT people and their allies, would serve as an ideal setting for this plan:

Even now the rainbow has come to be associated with the homosexual agenda. Not yet exclusively, because there are many besides "gays" who still use the rainbow for other purposes. However the day is fast approaching when only those wanting to promote homosexuality will dare to use it.

Christians and Jews (and even Muslims) should not let this happen!                      

The rainbow belongs to God and was created by Him as a symbol of His authority over creation. Revelation 4:3 describes a rainbow around His throne in heaven. Genesis 9:13-15 declares that He placed the rainbow in the sky as a promise to never again punish the earth by flood. Then in Genesis 19 He gave a preview of the future destruction of the earth by fire - by incinerating Sodom and Gomorrah. Both Peter and Jude remind us that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was a warning to all generations not to follow the gross sexual immorality of those cities (1 Peter 2:6, Jude 1:7).


However, with a simple judo move, the Russians could catch the "gays" in their own trap and at the same time rescue God's rainbow from being dragged through the mud.

Imagine the Russian Olympics taking place under a giant rainbow banner declaring that the rainbow belongs to God! And rainbow symbols incorporated in virtually every aspect of the games and the celebrations surrounding them. The scheme to display rainbows as a rebellious act by Hollywood celebrities and left-leaning Olympic contenders would be rendered impotent. The "gay" movement would be thwarted in its attempt to steal for itself what belongs to God and to all of us as His children. And, best of all, the entire world, including the "gays," would be reminded of the truth of the Bible: that God gave us the rainbow as a reminder not only that He judges sin, but that He forgives and heals those who repent. [emphasis added]

This isn't the first time Lively has acted as a de facto advisor for Russia's anti-gay policies. In a July blog post, he took credit for the passage of Russia's law banning the dissemination of "gay propaganda" (i.e., anything that presents LGBT people as equal, fully flourishing human beings):

I can't point to any country of the world today that is a model for the rest of the world, except perhaps for Russia, which has just taken the very important and frankly necessary step of criminalizing homosexual propaganda to protect the society from being "homosexualzed." [sic] This was one of my recommendation [sic] to Russian leaders in my 50-city tour of the former Soviet Union in 2006 and 2007.

Lively's international anti-gay work extends beyond Russia. Shortly before Ugandan lawmakers introduced a measure to make homosexuality punishable by death in 2009, Lively met with a group of Ugandan politicians and lawmakers to discuss how best to combat what he termed "the' gay' agenda." A Ugandan LGBT rights group subsequently filed a human rights lawsuit against Lively, alleging that his work in Uganda had stoked a climate of violence and persecution for gays in the country. In August, a federal judge allowed the lawsuit to proceed.

WND, however, has no qualms about providing a platform to an alleged accomplice in international human rights violations. 


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