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NOM Wages Assault On Transgender Rights

September 20, 2013 12:47 pm ET by Luke Brinker

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is backing an effort to repeal California's new law protecting the right of transgender students to use facilities and play on sports teams that match their gender identities. The move represents NOM's latest diversion from its marriage focus, as the organization becomes an all-purpose anti-LGBT group.

In a September 20 press release, NOM dubbed the law a "co-ed bathroom law," decrying the "politically-correct madness" inherent in the idea that transgender students deserve equal protection:

The National Organization for Marriage California (NOM) today announced that it has joined in the fight to repeal California's first-in-the-nation co-ed bathroom law, AB 1266. NOM is urging its members in California to assist in the effort to gather the nearly 505,000 required voter signatures to place the repeal on the November 2014 ballot, suspending the law until Californians can vote to reject it.

"AB1266, the co-ed bathroom law, is a horrible attempt by activists to strip society of all gender roles and uses children as a weapon in their culture war," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "The National Organization for Marriage fully supports the efforts of the Privacy for All Students coalition to repeal this dangerous law. Opening our most vulnerable areas at school including showers, bathrooms, and changing rooms to members of the opposite sex is politically-correct madness that risks the privacy and security of our children and grandchildren."

NOM's fear-mongering about inappropriate bathroom behavior is a standard tactic employed by opponents of the California law. However, school districts that have implemented the same policy report no instances of misconduct. Right-wing pundits' claims that hormonal students will abuse the law to sneak into opposite-bathrooms are based on nothing more than those figures' statements that they personally would do so.

While there's no reason to expect NOM to show sympathy for transgender students, Lambda Legal emphasizes why bathroom access is a paramount issue for transgender people, allowing them "to live in accordance with their internal gender identity." As the Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled in June, denying transgender individuals bathroom access "creates an environment rife with harassment."

NOM's decision to back the repeal effort comes as no surprise. The organization's political director, Frank Schubert, signed on to the campaign earlier in September.


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