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NOM Has No Evidence To Prove Marriage Equality Is A "Vote Loser"

October 04, 2013 12:50 pm ET by Luke Brinker

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) baselessly asserted that supporting marriage equality is a "vote loser" for politicians, as the organization continues to stubbornly deny that anti-equality forces are losing the public opinion battle.

In an October 4 blog post, NOM proclaimed that denying equal marriage rights to same-sex couples "is a winning issue at the polls." NOM's evidence? A survey showing that a majority of Conservative Party councilors in Britain "believe" marriage equality is a "vote loser," an anonymously-sourced tabloid report claiming that British Prime Minister David Cameron regrets pushing marriage equality through Parliament, a made-up figure stating that 65 percent of Americans oppose marriage equality, and a dubious reading of 2012's state marriage equality referendums:

In England, a recent report showed that nearly two-thirds of MP's believe that supporting gay 'marriage' is a 'vote loser.' And reports from local Conservative associations show a rapid decline in membership, with gay marriage seen as one of the reasons. Now even the Prime Minister, David Cameron, is saying that he regrets "forcing" marriage redefinition through the Parliament.

The same can be said in America.  Despite the droning drumbeat of the mainstream media, nearly two-thirds - 65 percent - of Americans disapprove of redefining marriage.

During the November 2012 elections, true marriage out-polled the Romney campaign in all four states marriage was on the ballot - by double digit margins!

It seems English politicians have already learned what the GOP in America - and all its candidates - need to grasp.  Defending marriage as one man and one woman is a winning issue at the polls.

If Cameron regrets the passage of marriage equality, he has a strange way of showing it. At the Conservative Party Conference on October 2, he cited the marriage equality vote as a reason for voters to support his party, stating unequivocally, "I don't regret it. Britain is a more equal and fairer country for having done it."

NOM doesn't even bother to provide a source for its laughable assertion that 65 percent of Americans "disapprove of redefining marriage," perhaps because public opinion surveys actually show quite the opposite. Recent polls by USA Today and Bloomberg find that 55 percent of Americans support marriage equality, and a July Gallup poll found that by a nearly 10-point margin, Americans would support federal legislation providing for marriage equality in all 50 states.

Moreover, while "true marriage" may have outperformed the Romney campaign in the four states - Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington - where marriage referendums were on the ballot in 2012, NOM conveniently forgot to mention that equality opponents lost all of those votes.


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