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Liberty Counsel's Barber Blasts "Frightened Little Toadies" For Acknowledging Transgender People

October 07, 2013 11:18 am ET by Luke Brinker

Liberty Counsel Action Vice President Matt Barber declared the arrival of "a brave new world" now that transgender people are gaining visibility, writing that gender identity is just as "comically absurd" as the notion of a self-determined species or racial identity.

In an October 7 column for, Barber blasted media conglomerate Thomson Reuters for stating in an annual employee survey that one's gender identity need not be restricted to biological sex, but can be rooted in "a person's innate, deeply felt psychological identification." Thomson Reuters' stance dovetails with the American Psychological Association's (APA) position on transgender identities. But to Barber, it's just the latest sign that we're living in a "'progressive' land of make believe" (emphasis added):

File this under, "Oh, for crying out loud."

There was a time when planning a family was a relatively straightforward process. A young wife might ask her new hubby, "How many children should we have?" To which he might reply, "Let's just try for one of each."

A few years later - and with a bit of luck - little Timmy and Tammy are at each other's throats, contesting rightful possession of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown Crayon.

And all is well in the time-space continuum.

Not so in today's "progressive" land of make believe. Political correctness now requires that objective reality sit the bench while subjective silliness takes the field. For today's uber-"tolerant" mom and dad - ahem - "mom and mom" or "dad and dad," having a child of each "sex" (or acquiring one as biological limitations may dictate) apparently means a "family" that looks more like the bar scene from "Star Wars" than "The Donna Reed Show."

Yep, it's a brave new world.

Barber noted a Washington Examiner report that Thomson Reuters' employee survey includes a question on gender identity giving respondents nine choices, including a category for "identities other than a man or woman," which Barber mocks, "You mean like turnip?"

Employing what apparently passes for logic in his mind, Barber attempted to illustrate the ridiculousness of the well-established medical consensus on transgender identities with a red herring about racial identity (emphasis added):  

For that matter, what about "racial identity?" Again, why the intolerant and arbitrary "gender-identity" narrow-mindedness? Roseanne Barr is a short, obnoxious white woman today, but who's to say that tomorrow she won't develop an "innate, deeply felt psychological identification" as a seven-foot black man? Watch out, NBA. (I think we can stipulate that, as regards Ms. Barr, "obnoxious" remains a fixed variable under any conceivable scenario).

Merriam Webster's defines "reductio ad absurdum" as "disproof of a proposition by showing an absurdity to which it leads when carried to its logical conclusion."

You've just experienced reductio ad absurdum. "Species identity," "racial identity" and, to no lesser extent, "gender identity" each represent comically absurd contrivances.


Really, today's "LGBT" activists, along with their sycophantic allies (like the frightened little toadies at Reuters) signify the embodiment of reductio ad absurdum. When one objectively contemplates the logical conclusion of each their "progressive" propositions, one is left contemplating the absurd.

What most frightens Barber about this "brave new world" is the prospect that it will become exceedingly difficult to avoid acknowledging the existence of LGBT people. Barber has written before that such an acknowledgement promotes a "repugnant message" and that Americans are asking for God's wrath by embracing LGBT people, so his latest episode of anti-equality hand-wringing isn't surprising.

Barber's hyperbolic rhetoric is par for the course at Liberty Counsel, which dubs LGBT History Month an act of "sexual assault on our children." Nevertheless, Fox News has been perfectly content to treat Liberty Counsel as a serious, respected organization.


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