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Robert Oscar Lopez: Gay Activists Are Violent, “Recruit Children Into Homosexuality”

October 08, 2013 4:14 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Anti-gay activist and homoerotic novelist Robert Oscar Lopez accused LGBT activists of attempting to “recruit children into homosexuality,” describing the fight for LGBT equality as a totalitarian movement and a “virus [that] spiraled out of control.”

In an October 5 blog post on his English Manif blog, Lopez decried the work of Matthew Vines, an activist working to combat Bible-based homophobia and religious intolerance towards LGBT people. Lopez depicted Vines’ work as a violent “real religious war” against “faith systems around the globe”:

We have to remember that the LGBT movement is an "ism" like communism, fascism, and imperialism, with global ambitions, militant articles of faith, and an infrastructure to wage total war to get what it wants. 

With the police force in France being used to tear-gas, beat, and imprison opponents to same-sex marriage, the US military now actively monitoring servicemembers statements and disciplining those who oppose the LGBT agenda, and most important of all, the US State Department tying LGBT demands such as marriage and "reproductive" rights (trafficking in sperm, wombs, and babies), the LGBT movement is not peaceful. It is well funded and increasingly using the intelligence, military, surveillance, and policing mechanisms of state after state to impose its vision of life on every corner of the globe, on all continents. It is willing to use violent force, institutional discipline, and ideological propaganda to get its way.

Lopez went on to describe his warped vision of the history of the LGBT equality movement, comparing it to a plague and accusing gay activists of attempting to “recruit children into homosexuality” and “take over the medical profession”:

It began in the US, with a movement that wanted legitimately to defend people who were persecuted. Then it became a business. Then it became an "ism." Like a virus it spiraled out of control, infecting American universities, destroying these "host bodies," and turning much of the media into zombies. Then, through the State Department and through various international organizations, this "ism" traveled to dozens of other countries, infecting each host country's institutions, keeping people tied up in legal or propaganda battles in one nation while neighboring nations, often innocent and unsuspecting, found the ideology thrust upon them.

It begins with a plea for tolerance. Then comes the desire to be able to live together without bothered. Good, no problem there. Then comes the demand for legally recognized relationships. Then comes the demand for equivalency -- i.e., marriage. Then they go for educational curriculum, recruit children into homosexuality, take over the medical profession, and subvert the media. The final phase is the demand to own children as property, which results, ultimately, in the demand to have free global channels to buy and sell sperm, rent wombs, and traffic children.

Lopez has made similarly insane claims about how young men enter the “gay lifestyle” in the past. He’s written that many young men are “introduced into homosexual activity through rape or coercion” and suggested that many pedophiles pose as same-sex parents in order to acquire children for rape and sexual exploitation.

Lopez is convinced that the fight for LGBT equality is really just an attempt by “homofascists” to perpetrate global human rights violations by denying children the right to know their biological mothers and fathers. In response, Lopez has -- ironically enough – endorsed brutal efforts to crack down on LGBT equality like the one currently underway in Russia. Unfortunately, his extreme anti-gay views haven’t been enough to get him shunned by prominent anti-gay groups like the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which repeatedly cites his work.


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