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NOM Claims Pro-Equality North Carolina Officials Are Destroying Democracy

October 16, 2013 2:36 pm ET by Luke Brinker

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) warned that North Carolina's attorney general is helping to usher in the "lawless destruction of democracy" following his announcement that he personally supports marriage equality, ignoring the fact that the he has promised to continue to defend that state's ban on same-sex marriage against legal challenges.

In an October 16 message to NOM's supporters, President Brian Brown sounded an apoplectic note over the news that a North Carolina county official will begin accepting applications for same-sex marriage licenses. With the state's same-sex marriage ban under legal challenge, NOM sees nothing less than the future of democracy at stake in the fight (emphasis original):

In North Carolina, a lawsuit has been pending before the courts to strike down the state's Marriage Amendment — a law passed just last May and by 61% of the popular vote! But just this week North Carolina's Attorney General, tasked with defending the voters' will in this case, compromised his integrity in that role by formally announcing his support for same-sex 'marriage.' Worse, he's headlining a fundraising event for a group that wants the courts to strike down the marriage law!

As if that were not bad enough, hot on the heels of the A.G.'s reckless announcement, a County Register of Deeds in North Carolina announced that he would begin accepting same-sex couples' applications for marriage licenses — a move we've seen before in states like New Mexico and Pennsylvania. This is the lawless destruction of democracy that we can expect to see spreading around the nation if we do not act today!

Alarmist claims that democracy is under assault might serve as a fundraising boon for NOM, but Brown omitted a few key facts about the challenge to North Carolina's gay marriage ban.

Drew Reisinger, the register of deeds in Buncombe County, has said that he'll hold the same-sex marriage licenses granted by his office as he awaits a legal opinion from Attorney General Roy Cooper. Cooper - whose personal support for marriage equality NOM deems "reckless" - has indicated that his personal views won't prevent him from "vigorously defending" the ban in court, according to The News & Observer.

Considering that NOM blasted Attorney General Eric Holder for his 2011 announcement that the Justice Department would no longer defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), one would think that the organization would laud Cooper for setting aside his personal views to uphold North Carolina's same-sex marriage ban. But as public opinion continues to shift further away from its anti-equality cause, NOM will seize on anything it can to gin up outrage over invented controversies.


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