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Robert Oscar Lopez: Tom Daley’s Relationship Proves Gay Men Are Sexual Predators

December 05, 2013 12:02 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Anti-gay commentator Robert Oscar Lopez attacked 19-year-old  Olympic diver Tom Daley’s alleged relationship with 39-year-old movie director Dustin Lance Black, citing it as evidence that gay men are sexual predators that can’t be trusted to adopt young boys.

In a December 4 post on his personal blog, Lopez – who himself was raised by a gay parent – criticized the “disgusting” alleged relationship between Daley and Black, arguing that the relationship was evidence that the gay community finds “sexual crimes” against young boys to be “very sexy”:

I can hear right now the response from the pro-gay press: "But Daley's nineteen, so he's legal." People who say things like that just prove that the gay male community has a lot of growing up to do. Toying with a nineteen-year-old's sexual identity, when the person is still at a tender age, still not secure enough in himself to piece together what homosexuality means, or even know why he's embarking on such a risky erotic journey -- that's just wrong. And until I see gay writers in Queerty and Thinkprogress acknowledging that this is a problem with the gay male community, I can't deny that I feel uncomfortable with this, almost at the same level as my friend. A community led by people like Dustin Lance Black, a community that thinks this is normal and acceptable, is simply not a community that is prepared to have custody over defenseless pubescent boys.

Yes, it's true that heterosexuals commit terrible sexual crimes -- but heterosexuals make up 98% of the country, and for the most part, they have a guilty conscience and express disdain over blatant cradle-robbing like this. A critical mass of gays think it's all very sexy. [emphasis added]

Lopez went on to once again exploit the suicide of Tyler Clementi, accusing the “gay press” of failing to report that Clementi was “sodomize[d]” by an older man before taking his life:

Remember that the case of Tyler Clementi came and went, without the gay press focusing on the culpability of the 30-year-old man--or indeed any of Clementi's earlier Internet liaisons--who found it thinkable to go into a freshman dormitory and sodomize a boy who looked like he was about fifteen years old, regardless of whether he was technically "legal.”

Lopez concluded his post by suggesting that a “basic cultural analysis” reveals that the gay community doesn’t have the “restraint or self-criticism” necessary to be trusted not to sexually exploit children they’re exposed to:

A gay male couple will, in most cases, have ties to the gay male community at large. And we can do a basic cultural analysis to understand the norms and understandings of the gay male community. It is a community that simply doesn't have enough restraint or self-criticism when it comes to sexual activity that's bad for children. I'm uneasy about mixing all of this together.

The myths that gay men are more likely than heterosexuals to be pedophiles and sexually abuse their own children has been debunked and discarded by experts in psychologyand child welfare.

Lopez’s condemnation of gay men’s alleged sexual desire for young boys is also perplexing given that he has authored a series of gay erotic fiction with numerous graphic depictions of sex between older men and underage boys. 


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