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Pamela Geller Thinks "College Frat Boys" Will "Expose Themselves" In Gender-Neutral Restrooms

February 03, 2014 11:43 am ET by Luke Brinker

Anti-Islam activist and right-wing media celebrity Pamela Geller launched a meandering attack against the "sexual abuse" of gender-neutral and transgender-inclusive restrooms, claiming that such facilities open the door to intimidation and harassment -- despite empirical evidence to the contrary.

In Geller's February 2 "Defending the West" column for WND, the anti-Muslim hate group leader sought to save Western civilization from the wretchedness of gender-neutral restrooms, which Geller contended would horrify any woman who doesn't "relate to the disgusting whores of, say, 'Girls'": (emphasis added):

These gender-neutral facilities are being installed in universities across America. Not small marginal colleges, but major institutions such as NYU. These bathrooms are for both girls and boys. What it means, and what most parents who send their kids to these cesspools for $70,000 a year don't know, is that these non-gender specific bathrooms have stalls and urinals. Urinals. So if your daughter is one of the few who don't relate to the disgusting whores of, say, "Girls," or fellate any guy who asks her to, and if she actually respects herself, her body and her self-worth, this could be - sexually traumatic.

Before you call me prudish or old-fashioned, think of it this way. A young girl finishes class, goes to the bathroom to refresh herself and she opens the door to the restroom to find a male student whom she has never met relieving himself in a urinal. What is going to protect girls from sexual predators in such a situation?


How many college frat boys might use this venue to masturbate or expose themselves to victims? They could always say they were just taking a whiz and the girl is neurotic, or manophobic.

This is sexual abuse. It is scary.

Far from being hotbeds of harassment, the Transgender Law Center notes, gender-neutral restrooms are a response to the fact that "gender-diverse students are often subject to harassment and violence when using male- or female-specific campus restrooms."

Moreover, Geller's speculation that trans-inclusive restrooms will generate "sexual harassment and abuse" or even "outright sexual assault" has been repeatedly disproven by the experience of schools that allow transgender students access to proper facilities. That's why anti-transgender activists have resorted to simply inventing stories of bathroom harassment.

Geller's baseless transphobic claims dovetail with her extensive history of inflammatory and bigoted commentary. A committed birther who says President Obama "appease[s] his Islamic overlords," Geller has repeatedly equated the Obama administration with Nazi Germany. She gained notoriety for her fact-free attacks on the proposed Park 51 Islamic community center in New York. While she's best-known for her anti-Islam activism, Geller's latest column isn't the first time this purported "libertarian" on transgender issues has attacked transgender people. After Obama appointed a transgender person to a Commerce Department post, Geller wrote, "What a freak show this presidency is."


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