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Watch This CNN Guest Dodge Tough Questions About Arizona's Anti-Gay Segregation Law

February 21, 2014 1:29 pm ET by Carlos Maza

CNN anchors grilled an Arizona anti-gay activist who refused to answer whether a measure passed by the state legislature would allow businesses to discriminate against gay customers. In reality, the bill would allow businesses and individuals to refuse to serve gay customers without fear of punishment or a lawsuit.

During the February 21 edition of CNN’s This Hour, co-anchors John Berman and Michaela Pereira asked Cathi Herrod – president of the conservative Center for Arizona Policy Action – to explain a measure in Arizona that would protect businesses and individuals who discriminate against gay customers on religious grounds. The bill, SB 1062, which awaits Gov. Jan Brewer’s signature, mirrors “anti-gay segregation” bills being considered in states like South Dakota and Idaho.

Near the end of the segment, CNN’s Berman asked Herrod, whose group actively supports passage of the measure, whether the bill would allow a restaurant to ban a gay couple. Herrod repeatedly dodged the question, visibly frustrating CNN’s anchors:

In reality, the Arizona’s anti-gay segregation bill would protect a restaurant owner that chooses to ban gay couples. According to the Associated Press:

The bill allows any business, church or person to cite the law as a defense in any action brought by the government or individual claiming discrimination. It also allows the business or person to seek an injunction once they show their actions are based on a sincere religious belief and the claim places a burden on the exercise of their religion.


Opponents raised scenarios in which gay people in Arizona could be denied service at a restaurant or refused medical treatment if a business owner thought homosexuality was not in accordance with his religion. One lawmaker held up a sign that read "NO GAYS ALLOWED" in arguing what could happen if the law took effect, drawing a rebuke for violating rules that bar signs on the House floor.


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