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Manhattan Declaration’s Eric Teetsel: God May Let LGBT Equality Destroy Society

February 03, 2015 5:52 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Manhattan Declaration director and prominent anti-gay activist Eric Teetsel told an audience of young conservatives that God might be allowing for the advance of LGBT equality in order to allow society destroy itself.

On January 28, the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council (FRC) hosted a panel discussion titled “Standing Firm in a Changing America: How to be a Faithful, Young, (Christian) Conservative.” During the panel discussion, Teetsel was asked about a time he’d felt discouraged in his career. Teetsel lamented the legal advancement of LGBT equality, suggesting that God might be allowing society to destroy itself and usher in the end times:

TEETSEL: Looking out over the horizon and just sensing that all of the work that so many wonderful groups have done to promote protections for religious liberty may fall away in the next few years as the court may bring sexual orientation and gender identity to the level of strict scrutiny, which would make it very hard to live out Christian principles in the public square in just so many different ways. It can be really discouraging and in those instances, again, I just try to remember that my job is not to use American public policy to bring about the kingdom of God. It’s not going to happen, in fact, and we don’t have to talk about eschatology, but I’m pretty convinced that the world is headed in a particular direction and there’s only one thing that’s going to bring it back. And I don’t have any control over that thing. …There have certainly been instances in American history where we were reawakened to the realities of faith. I long for that to happen again. My understanding of some of the great awakenings, particularly the second, is that they were born out of periods of time of great pain and darkness. Sure feels like the kind of time we’re in right now. … Maybe, instead, we’re one of those societies that has turned their backs on God and he’s going to allow them to have everything they want and that’s going to destroy them. [emphasis added]

Eschatology refers to a branch of study within many religious traditions that’s primarily concerned with the end of the world. Christian evangelical eschatology deals with ideas of the second coming of Jesus, God’s judgment on Earth, and an apocalyptic end to the enemies of God. Though Teetsel never elaborates on how he thinks God will allow society to be destroyed by legal protections for LGBT people, his reference to eschatology suggests that he expects a pretty bleak conclusion to the modern LGBT rights movement.

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