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Debunking Right-Wing Myths About Protections For Transgender Students

June 03, 2015 1:53 pm ET by Rachel Percelay

School district officials representing over half a million students have debunked conservative myths about non-discrimination protections for transgender students.

Conservative media have repeatedly attacked efforts by school districts to prohibit discrimination against transgender students, claiming that non-discrimination policies create confusion, violate students' privacy rights, and allow male students to sneak into girls' locker rooms and restrooms by pretending to be transgender:

But a new Media Matters report puts to rest once and for all these right-wing horror stories about protections for transgender students. Seventeen school districts in 11 states covering some 600,000 students reported no problems implementing and enforcing trans-inclusive non-discrimination policies. To the contrary, districts touted their policies as success stories, highlighting LGBT training and the inclusive environments they've worked to create.

The findings confirm what we already know - that conservative horror stories about transgender students are baseless and empirically untrue.

Conservative media's eagerness to find non-existent evidence to support their invented scenarios has led them to disseminate fake news stories. In October 2013, news outlets were forced to retract a fake story about a transgender student who was supposedly harassing girls in a Colorado school bathroom. The tale, touted on Fox Nation, was manufactured by Pacific Justice Institute, an anti-LGBT hate group that opposes trans-inclusive school policies. 

Despite the fact that conservative media wants its viewers to believe that protections for transgender students are radical and dangerous, these important policies simply represent basic measures that can help prevent the high rates of bullying and harassment many transgender students face. 

No one should take these manufactured right-wing horror stories seriously. They are the product of unethical journalism and they harm vulnerable adolescents.

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