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Propaganda And Indoctrination: How Fox News Talks About LGBT History

October 15, 2015 11:44 am ET by Rachel Percelay

October is LGBT History Month in the United States, an annual observance of the contributions and history of the LGBT community. But Fox News has repeatedly attacked efforts to discuss LGBT history -- and the LGBT community in general -- in schools, warning that children might be indoctrinated into supporting the gay agenda.

Since 1994, the U.S. has celebrated LGBT History Month in October. October includes a number of days aimed at celebrating the LGBT community, including National Coming Out Day on October 11 and Spirit Day -- a day when people wear purple to stand up against anti-LGBT bullying -- on October 15.

In past years, some Fox News personalities have a made a tradition of wearing purple on Spirit Day. But the network's track record of attacking efforts to discuss LGBT people in public schools has been dismal. The network relentlessly attacked a California law requiring public schools to teach students about the historical contributions of the LGBT community, calling it an attempt to indoctrinate kids with pro-gay propaganda. And Fox has criticized even basic efforts to teach students about LGBT people in order to reduce anti-LGBT bullying.

LGBT History Month has done a lot over the past several years to help teach students about the important contributions of the LGBT community to America's political, social, and cultural development. But on Fox News, the idea of even mentioning LGBT people in school classrooms is somehow still controversial.  

Video by John Kerr. 


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