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Fox News And CNN Ignore Passage Of Major Anti-LGBT Law In Arkansas

February 25, 2015 9:40 am ET by Rachel Percelay


Fox News and CNN ignored the passage of a major anti-LGBT law in Arkansas. Will cable news outlets keep silent as conservatives push for similar legislation across the country?

On February 23, Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) allowed Arkansas SB 202 to become law. The law prohibits cities and counties from adopting non-discrimination protections that are stronger than those adopted by the state government, effectively banning local protections for LGBT Arkansans in housing, employment, and public accommodations. According to an Equality Matters analysis, since it was first filed in the state senate on February 2, SB 202 has received no coverage from either Fox News or CNN:  

By contrast, on the February 19 edition of MSNBC's The Rundown With José Díaz-Balart, Díaz-Balart noted the lack of national attention on SB 202 and detailed the anti-LGBT nature of the new law:

Díaz-Balart compared Arkansas bill to Arizona's SB 1062, another anti-LGBT bill that garnered extensive headlines last year. Both CNN and Fox News comprehensively covered the debate over Arizona's legislation - CNN repeatedly profiled the anti-gay group behind the measure and grilled supporters of the bill about its impact on LGBT customers. Some Fox figures even objected to the legislation, calling it "profoundly unconstitutional" and "potentially dangerous." But according to an Equality Matters analysis, both Fox and CNN ignored the passage of Arkansas' anti-LGBT law.

The deceptiveness used by SB 202's supporters was ripe for media exposure. As Díaz-Balart noted, the law is entitled the "Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act," with a declared purpose of improving intrastate commerce by creating "uniform nondiscrimination laws and obligations." Yet as Associate Press Correspondent Andrew DeMillo explained, not a single employer has cited a lack of uniformity as a business deterrent - in fact, Wal-Mart, one of the state's largest employers, released a statement opposing the new law. The measure won praise from the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, whose president Tony Perkins lauded it as a "victory" and a "roadmap for other states."

This isn't the first time Fox and CNN have completely ignored passage of a major piece of anti-gay legislation - last year, just two months after the spotlighted debate over Arizona's bill, Fox and CNN overlooked a similar anti-LGBT license-to-discriminate law in Mississippi. The Arkansas law is only the first of several "commerce improvement" bills cropping up across the nation - West Virginia and Texas have both introduced identical legislation seeking to ban local LGBT protections. Fox and CNN can either watch these upcoming battles in silence, or educate their viewers about the dangerous consequences of pro-discrimination statutes..


Equality Matters searched TV Eyes for Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC between February 1 and February 24, using the terms "Arkansas AND LGBT" "Arkansas AND gay," "Arkansas AND Discrimination," "Arkansas AND Senate Bill 202," "Arkansas AND Hutchinson," "Arkansas AND sexual orientation," "Arkansas AND "gender identity," and "Arkansas AND SB 202." Reruns and teases for upcoming segments were excluded.


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Fox News Rallies Behind Florist Who Refused To Serve Gay Couple

February 24, 2015 1:25 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Fox News rallied behind a Washington state florist who refused to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding, continuing the network’s defense of the right to discriminate against gay customers.  

On February 18, a Benton County Superior Court judge ruled that florist Barronelle Stutzman had illegally violated the state’s Consumer Protection Act when she refused to provide flowers for a same-sex couple’s wedding ceremony. Though Stutzman claimed her actions were religiously motivated, the judge made clear that religious belief did not create a blank check to violate the state’s non-discrimination law, writing:

For over 135 years, the Supreme Court of the United States has held that laws may prohibit religiously motivated action, as opposed to belief. In trade and commerce, and more particularly when seeking to prevent discrimination in public accommodations, the Courts have confirmed the power of the Legislative Branch to prohibit conduct it deems discriminatory, even where the motivation for that conduct is grounded in religious belief.

Following the ruling, Washington’s attorney general offered Stutzman a settlement – stop discriminating, pay the law’s $2000 penalty, and pay $1 to cover the cost of the case – but Stuztman refused the deal.

On the February 23 edition of The Kelly File, guest host Shannon Bream conducted the first ever television interview with Stutzman, along with an attorney from the extreme anti-gay group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which is representing her. Bream has a history of championing the right to discriminate against gay customers, coming to the defense of business owners who violate non-discrimination laws and suggesting that gay customers should “just go down the street” and find someone who is willing to serve them.

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Why Ronan Farrow Daily Was The Gold Standard For Covering Transgender Issues

February 20, 2015 2:37 pm ET by Carlos Maza

With the cancellation of Ronan Farrow Daily, MSNBC is losing a show that for months represented the gold standard in cable news coverage of transgender issues.

On February 19, MSNBC announced that it was cancelling Ronan Farrow Daily, which has occupied the network’s 1 pm slot since premiering in February 2014. The show, along with The Reid Report, will be replacedby a two-hour block of news programming hosted by Thomas Roberts, while host Ronan Farrow will go on to launch “a new series of primetime specials.”

For nearly a year, Ronan Farrow Daily stood out for its remarkable coverage of transgender stories and issues. Farrow worked to bring national attention to the fight for transgender equality, which he called a “nascent enough rights movement that you can see change on almost a daily basis.” And he did it by inviting actual transgender people to discuss issues facing their community -- a practice that even many progressive news commentators have been hesitant to adopt.

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Doctor Refuses To Care For Gay Couple’s Baby - Is This Conservative Media’s “Religious Freedom”?

February 19, 2015 7:34 pm ET by Carlos Maza

A Michigan pediatrician refused to work with the baby of a same-sex couple, citing her anti-gay religious beliefs. It's another case that highlights the potential dangers of conservative media's campaign to champion "religious freedom" in the face of anti-gay discrimination.

In October of 2014, Krista and Jami Contreras brought their six-day-old baby Bay Windsor to meet her pediatrician, Dr. Vesna Roi at Eastlake Pediatrics in Roseville, Michigan. The couple, wholegally married in Vermont in 2012, soon discovered that Roi had refused to come into the office and see them, citing her religious beliefs. The couple was instead met by a different pediatrician, who they had not selected.

Four months later, they received a letter from Roi apologizing and explaining her decision:

After much prayer following your prenatal, I felt that I would not be able to develop the personal patient doctor relationship that I normally do with my patients. I felt that was not fair to the two of you or to Bay.


Please know that I believe that God gives us free choice and I would never judge anyone based on what they do with that free choice.

The Contreras incident is yet another example of the dangerous consequences of right-wing media's campaign to justify anti-gay discrimination under the banner of religious liberty. For years, conservative media have used "religious liberty" as a rallying cry while lobbying against basic legal protections for LGBT people. Now, in the face of a potential Supreme Court loss on the issue of same-sex marriage, "religious liberty" has become the central argument for a number of state RFRA bills  promoted by right-wing media that would greatly expand the right of businesses and individuals to refuse service to LGBT people on religious grounds.

Roi's refusal to work with the Contreras family is not illegal - though it does violate the rules of the American Medical Association and American Academy of Pediatrics, which both strongly oppose discriminating against patients on the basis of sexual orientation. Nor is what happened to the Contreras family an isolated incident. Studies have found that LGBT people face high rates of discrimination in health care, especially in states that have adopted "broad religious exemptions" from medical non-discrimination laws:

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Fox's Erick Erickson: The Only Line Between "Gay Rights Extremists" And "Islamic Extremists" Is "Death"

February 19, 2015 5:08 pm ET by Rachel Percelay

Fox News contributor Erick Erickson compared LGBT-activists to terrorists to declare that "the divide between Islamic extremists and gay rights extremists is at death."

In a February 19 blog post on entitled "The Line Between Islamic Extremists and Gay Rights Extremists," Erickson lamented a Washington state judge's recent decision finding that Arlene's Flowers, a florist which refused to service a same-sex wedding, had violated the state's non-discrimination law. According to Erickson, the only difference between the two groups is that LGBT activists don't kill their victims (emphasis added):

Gay rights activists... have not turned physically violent. But they are intent on destroying any who disagree with them. They will take the homes, businesses, and life savings of any who defy them. They will use the tools of the state and mob action through boycotts, fear, and intimidation to make it happen. They will not kill but they will threaten and scare.

The divide between Islamic extremists and gay rights extremists is at death. They meet on the line at destruction.


The gay rights activists who yell "bigot" at those who disagree with them are the Imams of America's cultural ghetto.

This latest anti-LGBT screed is typical of Erickson, who recently called the LGBT community "terrorists" over the firing of the anti-gay Atlanta fire chief and has previously endorsed the claim that the "homosexual movement" is destroying America.

Erickson ended his post by pitting Christians against gay people - a mirror of the conflation of religion and bigotry that's become increasingly common on Fox News:

Christians should, however, take heart. The faith that continued to flourish and spread while its adherents' bodies were being used to light the streets of Rome will survive this present turmoil. At a minimum, Christians have more children than homosexuals. We also have a God who stands with us, loves us, and will see us through to eternity.


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Fox News Gets Duped By Another Bogus Anti-Gay Horror Story

February 19, 2015 2:18 pm ET by Rachel Percelay

Fox News uncritically reported a bogus story about the alleged bullying of anti-gay students in a California high school, according to the school's superintendent. It's the second time the network has been duped by the lies of one of California's most notorious anti-LGBT hate groups.

In a February 9 opinion piece for, Fox News' serial misinformer and mouthpiece for anti-gay hate groups Todd Starnes reported on allegations that high school students at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California, were "bullied" by the school's Queer Straight Alliance during a class presentation. His report drew heavily from a press release by the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), an anti-LGBT hate group with a history of fabricating horror stories to combat efforts to make schools welcoming for LGBT students. Starnes concluded his report by asking, "Has it really come to this, America -- forcing students to declare their allegiance to the LGBT agenda?"  

The story spread across right-wing media, being featured on BreitbartWNDMRCTV, and a number of smaller conservative outlets, as well as being shared thousands of times over social media.

But in an email to Equality Matters, Acalanes High School District Superintendent John Nickerson thoroughly debunked the claims made by Starnes and PJI (emphasis added):

An examination of the program and classroom environment would suggest gross inaccuracies in the Pacific Justice Institute press release. It is not clear what other primary source Fox News used for their reporting, but their "opinion" piece on the program does not reflect what actually took place.  Did not happen [quoted directly from PJI's press release]: ridiculed and humiliated / intimidation and interrogation / also had students line up. The peer led classroom activity was a carried out in a respectful environment and under the supervision of the classroom teacher. The activity focused on tolerance and acceptance, with an emphasis on anti-queer harassment and homophobia. It was intended to help students better understand the LGBTQ student experience.

The program is in its 15th year at Acalanes High School and his been a model program and replicated throughout the region.

We will continue to examine the activity/program in our efforts to improve the safety on our campuses for all students.

This is the second time Fox News and other conservative outlets have been duped by the Pacific Justice Institute. In 2013, PJI was caught promoting a fabricated story about a transgender student in Colorado harassing girls in the school bathroom - a claim that was also debunked by that school's superintendent.

Starnes contacted Nickerson for his own piece, and Starnes quoted Nickerson as writing that the school was aware of the "concerns and allegations raised by two parents and the Pacific Justice Institute" and that it was "investigating the situation."

But rather than waiting for the investigation to be completed, Starnes uncritically parroted PJI's allegations. As a result, a 15-year-old school program that fosters tolerance and acceptance of minority students has been baselessly smeared across conservative media.

Fox has a history of giving headlines to PJI, despite the group's well-established history of manufacturing anti-LGBT misinformation. Given that only recently Starnes incorrectly reported facts in a story about anti-gay cake bakers, it might behoove both Starnes and Fox to stop relying on a discredited anti-LGBT organization as a legitimate source.


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The Dos And Don'ts Of Discussing Transgender Health Care

February 18, 2015 2:55 pm ET by Rachel Percelay

Fox vs. MSNBC Coverage of Transgender HealthcareWhile Fox News continues to disregard journalistic best practices in reporting on transgender people, MSNBC has repeatedly demonstrated how to properly cover stories about transgender medical treatment, inviting actual transgender guests to offer expert testimony about the importance of health care for the transgender community.

When Private Chelsea Manning – the former soldier currently serving a 35-year prison term for leaking thousands of classified documents – came out as transgender in August 2013, major media outlets proved just how ill-prepared they were to cover transgender stories. Both Fox News and CNN repeatedly misgendered Manning, disregarding GLAAD’s Media Reference Guide, which calls on news organizations to refer to transgender people by their preferred gender pronouns.

Manning is back in the news after a February 13 report by USA Today revealed that Manning has been approved to receive hormone therapy as part of her transition. And the story has once again highlighted the need for responsible coverage of transgender stories: 

While MSNBC took steps to include transgender voices and cover Manning’s transition with intention and accuracy, Fox News ignored journalistic guidelines while continuing to mock and degrade transgender people in its coverage. (CNN briefly mentioned the story without editorial comment)

Fox continued to misgender Manning when discussing her healthcare. Misgendering a transgender person violates journalistic guidelines established by the Associated PressNew York TimesGLAAD, and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, which all instruct journalists to refer to transgender people by their preferred pronouns. In addition to misgendering Manning, Fox continued its year old tradition of playing music to mock transgender people.

Fox also neglected to mention that denying transgender prisoners with treatment could have severe health consequences - instead fixating on the cost of Mannings' treatment.

In sharp contrast, MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid both provided exemplary, accurate coverage of Manning’s story. Both Farrow and Reid held to the GLAAD best practice that “transgender people are the experts to talk about transgender people,” and invited transgender women and activists – Allyson Robinson and Jennifer Boylan – on as expert guests to educate viewers about transgender health care. In doing so, the two gave viewers an opportunity to learn about the necessity of trans health care.

MSNBC proved that it is easy to follow the guidelines in covering transgender stories by using correct pronouns, and ensuring accurate coverage by inviting the experts – transgender people themselves – to educate viewers about transgender issues. 

Video created by Coleman Lowndes.


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Journalism Experts Condemn's Misgendering Of Transgender Shooting Victim

Journalism Experts Condemn’s Misgendering Of Transgender Shooting Victim

February 13, 2015 12:38 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Experts in journalism ethics have criticized’s repeated misgendering of Penny Proud, a transgender woman who was shot and killed in New Orleans this week, calling it “dismissive” and “inflammatory.” has come under scrutiny for its coverage of the murder of Penny Proud, a transgender woman in New Orleans who was shot and killed in New Orleans on February 10. Some of the site's initial reports referred to Proud as a “male” and a “man” while focusing on where Proud was shot, noting that the area has a reputation for prostitution and drug use., along with The Times-Picayune, is owned by the NOLA Media Group Division of Advance Publications. The website also serves as a hub for Times-Picayune’s online content.

Misgendering a transgender person violates journalistic guidelines established by the Associated PressNew York TimesGLAAD, and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, which all instruct journalists to refer to transgender people by their preferred  pronouns.’s coverage has since been updated to accurately identify Proud as a transgender woman, citing “new information from NOPD,” which identified Proud as a male in its initial press statements. But in an interview with BuzzFeed, reporter Prescotte Stokes III defended his decision to misgender Proud:

In a phone call with BuzzFeed News, Stokes explained that he chose how to report his story after speaking to people in the area who may have known Proud.

“They called her a girl but said he was a man,” said Stokes “I assume he parades around as a transgender woman, but he is actually a man.

In comments to Media Matters, experts in journalism ethics criticized’s repeated misgendering of Proud.

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Fox's Erick Erickson Rallies Supporters Behind Anti-Gay License-To-Discriminate Laws

February 13, 2015 12:24 pm ET by Rachel Percelay

Erick Erickson

Fox News contributor Erick Erickson asked his supporters to lobby for discriminatory, anti-gay "Religious Freedom Restoration Acts" that a Fox colleague denounced as "homosexual Jim Crow Laws."  

In a February 12 email to "Erick's Conservative Activist List" titled "The Facts" and a February 13 blog post on, Erickson asked his supporters to petition for the expansion of so-called state "Religious Freedom Restoration Acts" (RFRAs) - laws that would give individuals and businesses a broad license to discriminate against LGBT people on religious grounds:

An absolute majority of American support religious exceptions relating to providing goods and services to gay marriage.  But gay rights advocates oppose that.  The Supreme Court will undoubtedly impose gay marriage on the nation by June.  Our state legislature needs to pass RFRA now to protect people of faith.


Call your state legislators and demand religious freedom protections for conscientious objectors to the culture wars.

Erickson supported his call for RFRAs by citing a number of anti-gay horror stories popularized by Fox News - all cases where a business violated state non-discrimination laws by refusing to serve gay customers.

Religious liberty scholars, southern faith leaders, and some conservative lawmakers and business owners have all publicly denounced RFRAs over concerns that they would create a blank check for anti-gay discrimination.

Even Erickson's colleagues at Fox have noted how extreme and discriminatory these kinds of RFRAs would be. Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers strongly condemned a RFRA bill in Kansas last year, taking issue with those who support the "homosexual Jim Crow Laws" that justify anti-LGBT bigotry in the name of Christianity. Even Megyn Kelly, a consistent enabler of homophobia at Fox, labeled Arizona's controversial license-to-discriminate bill as "potentially dangerous"- a position she later abandoned.

Erickson has a history of cozying up with the anti-LGBT organizations pushing for these discriminatory RFRA bills, including the extremist Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a group CNN found to be behind the "genetic code" of the RFRA bills popping up across the country. ADF's previous work on license-to-discriminate legislation so inspired Erickson that he begged readers of his blog to donate money to the group.


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The Ugly, Hateful Result Of The Anti-Gay “Religious Liberty” Debate

February 04, 2015 5:47 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Conservative media have been quick to use “religious liberty” as an excuse for forgiving all kinds of homophobic rhetoric in the public square. But an employment discrimination complaint against Ford Motor Co. reveals the ugly logical conclusion of the right's conflation of Christianity and anti-gay bigotry.

Conservative media have worked to conflate blatant homophobia and mainstream Christianity, usually in order to defend prominent right-wing homophobes. For instance, Fox News figures rallied to the defense of the Benham brothers, whose HGTV reality show was canceled in May after their history of bigotry was exposed. Fox host Megyn Kelly claimed that while "gay rights are more and more protected in this country," the same didn't hold for "Christian beliefs and Christian rights." Similarly, Sean Hannity deflected criticism of the homophobia expressed by Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, excusing it as nothing more than “old-fashioned, traditional Christian sentiment and values.”

In keeping with that reasoning, a Michigan man named Thomas Banks filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on January 28 against his former employer, Ford. Banks was fired in August after he allegedly violated Ford’s anti-harassment policy. According to the EEOC complaint, Banks responded negatively to a shared online article outlining Ford’s LGBT-inclusiveness:

For this Ford Motor should be thoroughly ashamed. Endorsing and promoting sodomy is of benefit to no one. This topic is disruptive to the workplace and is an assault on Christians and morality, as well as antithetical to our design and our survival. Immoral sexual conduct should not be a topic for an automotive manufacturer to endorse or promote. And yes – this is historic – but not in a good way. Never in the history of mankind has a culture survived that promotes sodomy. Heterosexual behavior creates life – homosexual behavior leads to death.

Banks is being represented by the anti-LGBT legal group Liberty Institute, which claims that Ford Motor Co. violated Bank’s religious liberty by punishing him for his “sincerely held religious beliefs.” The Liberty Institute actually cites Banks’ “sincerely held religious beliefs”  seven times in the first two paragraphs of its complaint:

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Fox Reporter Gets Facts Backwards In Story About Anti-Gay Cake Bakers

February 04, 2015 12:50 pm ET by Carlos Maza

UPDATE: Starnes’ post now includes an “Editor’s Note” correcting the inaccurate $200,000 figure:

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this column stated that the Kleins could face a fine of at least $200,000. However, an attorney for the bakers says the actual amount is at least $150,000.

In fact, $150,000 is the most the Kleins could face in fines – a maximum of $75,000 per person suing.  No ruling on amounts has been made. The incorrect figure remains unchanged in the body of the post.


Fox News’ Todd Starnes falsely reported that the Oregon bakers who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple could face up to $200,000 in fines, badly misinterpreting local reports about the case, according to the state’s Bureau of Labor and Industries.

On January 29, an administrative law judge in Oregon rejected a request from the lawyers representing Sweet Cakes by Melissa to dismiss a discrimination complaint filed against shop owners Aaron and Melissa Klein. The case has been ongoing since early 2013, when the bakers refused to provide a wedding cake for a same-sex couple in violation of the state’s non-discrimination law. A March 10 hearing will determine what damages the couple is owed.

On February 3, Fox News reporter and serial misinformer Todd Starnes published his report on the Kleins’ failed attempt to have the complaint dismissed, stating that the bakers could face $200,000 “in fines and damages”:

An Oregon administrative law judge ruled on Jan. 29 that the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa did, in fact, discriminate in 2013 when they declined to provide a wedding cake for a lesbian couple because it would have violated their Christian beliefs against same-sex marriage.

The judge’s ruling paves the way for a March 10 hearing at which the Christian business owners could be ordered to pay $200,000 in fines and damages.

Starnes’ “$200,000” number is a blatant misreading of the original Oregonian report he cites. In actuality, it was the anti-gay bakers who were asking the judge for $200,000 in damages, court costs, and attorney fees:

An administrative law judge has rejected an attempt by lawyers representing the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa to dismiss the case and award them $200,000 for damages, court costs and attorney fees. 

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) investigators involved in the case have actually recommended that the bakers pay $75,000 in damages per person.

In a statement to Media Matters, BOLI Communications Director Charlie Burr confirmed that Starnes’ reporting was false:

Todd Starnes is writing that the bakery owners face fines of up to $200,000 in damages. That’s false. In fact, it’s the Kleins who have asked for $200,000 in damages from our agency for our enforcement of the Equality Act. We rejected the request due to jurisdictional issues.

The agency’s prosecution unit is seeking up to $75,000 per person in damages, but no ruling on amounts has been made. [emphasis original]

Starnes’ consistently inaccurate “culture war” reporting has helped make him a mouthpiece for some of the country’s most extreme anti-gay groups. 

Manhattan Declaration’s Eric Teetsel: God May Let LGBT Equality Destroy Society

February 03, 2015 5:52 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Manhattan Declaration director and prominent anti-gay activist Eric Teetsel told an audience of young conservatives that God might be allowing for the advance of LGBT equality in order to allow society destroy itself.

On January 28, the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council (FRC) hosted a panel discussion titled “Standing Firm in a Changing America: How to be a Faithful, Young, (Christian) Conservative.” During the panel discussion, Teetsel was asked about a time he’d felt discouraged in his career. Teetsel lamented the legal advancement of LGBT equality, suggesting that God might be allowing society to destroy itself and usher in the end times:

TEETSEL: Looking out over the horizon and just sensing that all of the work that so many wonderful groups have done to promote protections for religious liberty may fall away in the next few years as the court may bring sexual orientation and gender identity to the level of strict scrutiny, which would make it very hard to live out Christian principles in the public square in just so many different ways. It can be really discouraging and in those instances, again, I just try to remember that my job is not to use American public policy to bring about the kingdom of God. It’s not going to happen, in fact, and we don’t have to talk about eschatology, but I’m pretty convinced that the world is headed in a particular direction and there’s only one thing that’s going to bring it back. And I don’t have any control over that thing. …There have certainly been instances in American history where we were reawakened to the realities of faith. I long for that to happen again. My understanding of some of the great awakenings, particularly the second, is that they were born out of periods of time of great pain and darkness. Sure feels like the kind of time we’re in right now. … Maybe, instead, we’re one of those societies that has turned their backs on God and he’s going to allow them to have everything they want and that’s going to destroy them. [emphasis added]

Eschatology refers to a branch of study within many religious traditions that’s primarily concerned with the end of the world. Christian evangelical eschatology deals with ideas of the second coming of Jesus, God’s judgment on Earth, and an apocalyptic end to the enemies of God. Though Teetsel never elaborates on how he thinks God will allow society to be destroyed by legal protections for LGBT people, his reference to eschatology suggests that he expects a pretty bleak conclusion to the modern LGBT rights movement.

When Fox News Defended Bryan Fischer’s Anti-Gay Extremism

January 29, 2015 5:03 pm ET by Carlos Maza

The anti-gay hate group American Family Association (AFA) announced that Bryan Fischer -- the organization’s most prominent face -- had been fired as the organization’s director of issues analysis due to his years of inflammatory rhetoric. Fox News has a history of whitewashing Fischer’s anti-LGBT extremism.

On January 28, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reported that AFA had fired Fischer as the group’s long-time director of issues analysis. In 2010, AFA was labeled an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, thanks largely to Fischer’s extreme rhetoric about the LGBT community.

The announcement came in advance of a controversial AFA-sponsored trip to Israel that nearly 100 RNC members are scheduled to take this weekend. Fischer has made a number of disparaging comments about “counterfeit religions” and has repeatedly blamed gay men for the Holocaust:

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Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Praises Anti-Sodomy Decision During Interview With Hate Group

January 29, 2015 1:27 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore praised a 1986 Supreme Court decision upholding anti-sodomy laws during a radio interview with a prominent anti-gay hate group.

On January 27, Moore wrote a letter to Gov. Roy Bentley recommending that he ignore a U.S. district court’s decision striking down Alabama’s same-sex marriage ban, in deference to Alabama law and “the Biblical admonition stated by Our Lord.” The letter prompted the Southern Poverty Law Center to file a judicial ethics complaint against Moore for failing to “conform his conduct to the canons of judicial ethics” and ignoring the basics of “Constitutional Law 101” – that the judge “has himself taken an oath to uphold the federal constitution, even if there are other sources of authority he agrees with or prefers.”

On January 28, Moore appeared on Washington Watch -- the radio show of the Family Research Council (FRC), a notorious anti-gay hate group -- to discuss the controversy surrounding his letter. FRC president Tony Perkins praised Moore for challenging the district court’s decision, wrongly asserting that states aren’t required to abide by pro-equality decisions made by federal courts other than the Supreme Court.

Moore went on to praise the Supreme Court’s now-overturned 1986 decision in Bowers v. Hardwick, which upheld state laws criminalizing sodomy (emphasis added):

PERKINS: This has been happening in state after state. We’ve seen, you know, I think 23 or so states where judges have overturned votes of the people -- 21 states where they have overturned the vote of the people, substituting their view for the view of millions of Americans. What’s it going to take to stop this?

MOORE: Well, I think, Tony, we need to wake up to what the Constitution says. And the danger of this is, if we let judges overturn the will of the people and do nothing about it and do not push that, then the United States Supreme Court turns around and says, “Well, now, 30 states have adopted this, and that’s a majority of the people that want it.” This should be brought out, because that is maybe what’s going to happen. And in doing so, we’re letting the judiciary run the country without constitutional authority. And that was exactly what the Supreme Court of the United States said in 1986 when they had a case in Atlanta, Georgia, Bowers versus Hardwick, and they refused to recognize sodomy as a right. And they said, If we do so, we will become closest to illegitimacy.” And then they said, “If we redefine a category of rights wrongfully, then we’re attempting to rule the country without a constitutional authority.” And I think that’s what you’re seeing here. You’re seeing the Supreme Court intimate, in the cases they’ve had previously on this issue, and what the federal courts have picked up and started striking down all the traditional marriage laws of the states and people not reacting to it, not standing up against it, then the United States Supreme Court’s going to take this case in April and simply say, “Well, we have all these states that have now adopted, or, you know, turned to same-sex marriage, so we’re bound by it.”

PERKINS: Exactly.

MOORE: And I think that’s wrong, and I think this has to stop. And in Alabama, I’m simply doing my duty. I’m not doing anything to be noticed, which I’ve been accused of. I’m saying what the law is. The law is that they can’t force their will upon us, because it doesn’t affect our court -- our state court system. But when they try to make probate judges issue licenses, that is affecting our court system.

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Houston Fox Affiliate Peddles Transphobic Attack On Equal Rights Ordinance

January 28, 2015 5:28 pm ET by Carlos Maza

The Fox TV station in Houston has repeatedly mischaracterized the city’s recently passed non-discrimination law in its reporting about a legal challenge against the measure, falsely stating that it would allow men to enter women’s restrooms.

In May, the city of Houston approved the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of a number of characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity. Opponents of the ordinance, including the extreme Houston Area Pastor Council, collected signatures to put the measure up for a repeal vote, falsely claiming that HERO would let sexual predators sneak into women’s restrooms while pretending to be transgender.

The city determined that opponents had submitted too many invalid signatures to qualify for a repeal vote, prompting a lawsuit from HERO’s opponents that has turned into an ongoing legal battle.

In its coverage of the legal proceedings, Fox’s Houston affiliate has uncritically echoed the myth that HERO allows men to enter women’s restrooms.

In a January 26 report, for example, reporter Damali Keith wrote:

Chances are you've heard of the fairly new Houston ordinance that allows transgender men to use women's restrooms among other things. Now a judge and jury will hear about the ordinance. Today is day one of a trial that names Mayor Annise Parker as a defendant.

The next day, Keith published another report suggesting that “transgendered men” would be allowed to enter women’s restrooms:

The controversial equal rights ordinance came under fire when it was revealed as part of the measure transgendered men would be allowed to use women's restrooms. This petition is an effort to give Houstonians the right to vote on the ordinance.

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Meet The U.S. Pastor Council, The Group Working To Repeal Texas’s Non-Discrimination Laws

January 26, 2015 11:22 am ET by Carlos Maza

A number of cities in Texas have taken the historic step of passing non-discrimination laws protecting LGBT people, only to see those laws challenged by the extreme right-wing U.S. Pastor Council -- a group that has called Houston Mayor Annise Parker a “sodomite” and labeled gay people “forces of spiritual darkness.”

On January 20, opponents of an LGBT non-discrimination law recently enacted in Plano, Texas, announced that they had collected enough signatures to put the measure up for a public repeal vote. The effort had been organized by the Texas Pastor Council, a group that’s become a political force for anti-LGBT activists across the state.

In 2003, extremist Texas pastor Dave Welch founded the Houston Area Pastor Council (HAPC) “to bring a united, Biblical voice to the city, state and even nation.” Though HAPC is described as an “affiliate” of the national U.S. Pastor Council (USPC) and Texas Pastor Council (TXPC), it’s unclear if the organizations are actually distinguishable. All three are run by Welch, share the same website and contact information, and are often lumped together -- even on the USPC website.

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The Jindal-Hate Group Relationship You Won't Hear About This Weekend

January 24, 2015 10:15 am ET by Carlos Maza

Louisiana Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal is the keynote speaker for a rally funded and organized by an anti-LGBT group that has blamed gay people for causing the Holocaust and advocated imprisoning homosexuals.  So why isn’t his appearance garnering national media attention?

On January 24, Jindal will keynote a six-hour prayer event at Louisiana State University called “The Response: A Call To Prayer For a Nation In Crisis.” The event is sponsored and funded by the American Family Association (AFA), one of the most extreme anti-gay hate groups in the country. It’s also being staffed by a number of notorious anti-LGBT activists.

The event has drawn protests from members of the LSU community. On January 22, the Faculty Senate passed a resolution expressing displeasure with the event, and a university spokesperson has clarified that the rental of an LSU facility “does not imply any endorsement.”

Jindal has thus far dismissed criticism of the event, according to The Clarion-Ledger:

Asked if he agreed with the American Family Association's agenda, Jindal sidestepped that question and said, "The left likes to try to divide and attack Christians."

Jindal said the protesters themselves should consider joining the prayer rally. He said they "might benefit from prayer."

AFA’s status as a hate group is largely thanks to the work of its spokesman, Bryan Fischer, whose anti-LGBT remarks go well beyond mainstream social conservatism. Fischer’s inflammatory comments about gay people include:

As the Southern Poverty Law Center wrote in a 2011 report:

The AFA has been extremely vocal over the years in its opposition to LGBT rights, marriage equality and allowing gay men and lesbians to serve in the military. The group’s arguments are filled with claims that equate homosexuality with pedophilia and argue that there’s a “homosexual agenda” afoot that is set to bring about the downfall of American (and ultimately, Western) civilization.

The event is likely to attract widespread media attention – largely seen as a precursor to Jindal’s eventual presidential run. Texas Gov. Rick Perry launched his 2012 presidential bid with a similar AFA-backed “Response” prayer event in order to reach out to social conservatives. But Perry’s association with the extreme hate group wasn’t scandalous enough for major media outlets that covered the event.

And aside from a few outlets noting AFA’s “controversial” stances, national coverage of Jindal’s association with the hate group has similarly been glossed over by the media. It’s a stark contrast to the tremendous media attention surrounding GOP House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s infamous 2002 speech to a white nationalist group. When it comes to GOP politics, media outlets have a hard time seeing what’s newsworthy about a hate group like AFA being used to cement the campaign of a potential presidential candidate. 

Fox News Sunday Invites Hate Group Leader For Debate About Same-Sex Marriage

January 15, 2015 4:29 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Fox News Sunday will host a debate on same-sex marriage featuring a anti-gay hate group leader who’s known for peddling lies and smears about the LGBT community.  

On January 18, Fox News Sunday is scheduled to host a debate on same-sex marriage featuring Ted Olson, a prominent pro-equality attorney, and Tony Perkins, president of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council (FRC).

According to a Fox News press release announcing the debate:

Both sides in the same-sex marriage debate are looking to the Supreme Court as it decides whether or not to weigh in on the issue. The High Court is set to discuss cases from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee, and decide whether to rule on petitions challenging state bans on same-sex marriage. We’ll debate what has become a key social issue within the country, exclusively with Ted Olson, former Solicitor General who served as Co-Counsel for the plaintiffs in Virginia’s same-sex marriage case, and Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council.

Perkins’s FRC was labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in 2010 because it has often promoted smears and falsehoods about the LGBT community. Perkins’ history of extreme anti-gay work is well documented: he’s made a career of linking homosexuality to pedophilia and calling homosexuality a health risk.

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TLC: When Ratings Come At The Expense Of Vulnerable LGBT People

January 12, 2015 5:05 pm ET by Carlos Maza

TLC has created an arsenal of wildly successful reality television shows by sensationalizing the stories of unusual people.  But what happens when the network’s search for ratings gold comes at the expense of vulnerable LGBT people?

On January 11, TLC aired its controversial one-hour special, My Husband’s Not Gay. The show followed the stories of four men who admit to being attracted to other men but choose – primarily for religious reasons – to pursue heterosexual relationships. LGBT groups like GLAAD called the show “downright irresponsible” for its promotion of the widely discredited idea that people can choose to not be gay. By the time the program aired, over 100,000 people had signed a petition calling for it to be cancelled.

TLC dismissed criticism of the program, stating that the network “has long shared compelling stories about real people and different ways of life, without judgment.”

And it’s not wrong. As The Atlantic’s Emma Green notes, TLC has developed a reality TV line-up that revolves around sensationalizing unusual stories:

Inevitably, this controversy will win the show more viewers. Because this is what TLC does: It finds people living atypical lives—usually ones in tension with "progressive" cultural norms—and turns them into spectacle… This approach to programming succeeds, wildly, because it's a pure distillation of the appeal of reality television: self-righteous voyeurism. 

The same can be said for TLC’s obsession with the Duggar family - the extreme conservative stars of the network’s wildly successful 19 Kids and Counting. The show’s novelty comes from the Duggar’s unusually “traditional” and religious values – especially with regards to sex.

But what happens when the desire to highlight “different ways of life” ends up mainstreaming virulent anti-LGBT ideologies?

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Daily Caller Op-Ed Blames LGBT Community For Suicide Of Transgender Teen

January 09, 2015 1:54 pm ET by Carlos Maza

An op-ed in The Daily Caller blamed the LGBT community for helping cause the tragic suicide of Leelah Alcorn, a transgender teen who took her own life after being rejected by her religious parents.

On Sunday, December 29, the 17-year-old transgender teenager took her own life by walking into traffic miles from her home in Ohio. In her suicide note, which she posted online, Alcorn described the difficult conditions she faced in her life: unaccepting parents, religious conversion therapy, and isolation from her peers.

Alcorn’s death has become a rallying cry in the fight against transphobic discrimination and conversion therapy. LGBT youth raised in non-accepting religious families are much more likely to attempt suicide, and Alcorn’s story is a heartbreaking example of the kind of anguish and hopelessness many LGBT youth experience when facing unwelcoming home environments.

But according to David Benkof in Daily Caller, it’s the LGBT community that’s to blame for Alcorn’s suicide. In a January 7 op-ed titled “The LGBT Community’s ‘Suicide Strategy’ Killed Leelah Alcorn,” freelance writer David Benkof argues that Leelah killed herself in order to help advance the LGBT agenda:

Because Leelah’s death (she was struck by a semi-trailer after stepping onto a highway) grew directly out of the LGBT community’s longstanding rhetorical “suicide strategy,” which goes something like this:

We need same-sex marriage because gay teens will kill themselves if they don’t feel equal.


Leelah knew that the gay community habitually points to teen suicide as an impetus for social and political change. Sadly, she found meaning in trying to pitch in, hoping her death would further advance LGBT rights.


Leelah’s death doesn’t call for a retread of pro-gay advocacy. Instead, it should be a sober opportunity for the LGBT community to re-examine its suicide strategy, lest they continue to encourage more Leelahs.

Benkof goes on to argue that LGBT activists are “almost gleeful” about Alcorn’s suicide because it gives them “one more opportunity to gather sympathy for their social and political goals.”

In August, Benkof blamed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for the rise of rape in the military. As Media Matters has previously noted:

Benkof (formerly known as David Bianco) once identified as a gay man, but in 2003, he announced that he was actually bisexual and would abstain from sex with men for religious reasons. Since then, Benkof has been a vocal opponent of marriage equality.  He has urged the LGBT community to “let go of their obsessive insistence on being treated equally at all costs,” and opposed even basic non-discrimination protections as “a threat to marriage.” 


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