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Fox News Underreports Beginning Of New York Gay Weddings

July 28, 2011 4:19 pm ET

This past weekend, New York became the sixth and largest state to begin performing same-sex wedding ceremonies. New York City opened its city offices a day early Sunday so that gay couples could wed as soon as the state’s marriage equality law went into effect. When the law was first approved by the state legislature in late June, Fox News largely ignored the story. According to an Equality Matters analysis, a similar trend could be seen on Sunday, with Fox barely mentioning the historic development.

Analysis: Fox News Continues To Underreport New York Marriage Developments

CNN And MSNBC Thoroughly Covered Gay Weddings In New York, While Fox Remained Largely Silent. According to an Equality Matters analysis*, while New York’s first same-sex weddings were taking place on Sunday, July 24, MSNBC and CNN covered the event extensively. Both networks ran multiple segments featuring married gay and lesbian couples and prominent New York politicians, including pro-equality Republican State Senator James Alesi. Fox News didn’t dedicate a single segment to the story, only briefly mentioning the weddings in news alerts.

*Equality Matters searched news transcripts by Snapstream and TV Eyes for the words “marriage” and “New York” on July 24. Teases for upcoming segments were excluded. Reruns were included, though reruns of longer segments were not counted as additional segments.

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