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Meet Stephen Pidgeon, Sponsor Of Washington’s Anti-Gay Marriage Initiative

March 07, 2012 1:11 pm ET

It’s been less than a month since Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire (D) signed her state’s marriage equality bill, but a number of anti-gay efforts to repeal the law are already underway. One such effort – Initiative 1192 – was filed in January by attorney Stephen Pidgeon (R), who is also a candidate for State Attorney General. Long before becoming the spokesman for Initiative 1192, Pidgeon made a name for himself peddling extreme right-wing conspiracy theories, ranging from “birther” theories about President Obama's eligibility for office to accusations that Obama is the anti-Christ.

Pidgeon’s History Of Peddling “Birther” Conspiracy Theories

Pidgeon Led A 2008 Lawsuit Challenging Obama’s Presidential Eligibility. According to WorldNetDaily:

A new case challenging Barack Obama’s natural-born citizenship and, therefore, constitutional eligibility to serve as president has the potential to clear a hurdle that caused several other similar cases’ dismissal: the issue of “standing.”


In Washington state’s Broe v. Reed case, however, plaintiff’s attorney Stephen Pidgeon says a unique state statute grants everyday citizens the required standing.

“These lawsuits have pointed their fingers at the various secretaries of state and said, ‘You handle the elections, it’s your job [to verify Obama's eligibility],’” Stephen Pidgeon told WND, “and the secretaries of state have said, ‘No, it’s not our job. You the voter have to prove he was ineligible.’ But when the voters try to do it, the courts tell them they have no standing. So it presents a catch-22.

“Here, we have standing by means of statute,” Pidgeon continued. “This particular statute provides for any registered voter to challenge the election of a candidate if the candidate at the time of the election was ineligible to hold office.” [WorldNetDaily, 12/30/08]

  • Pidgeon’s Lawsuit Was Dismissed After Court Decided It “Plainly Lacks Merit.” [Supreme Court of the State of Washington, December 2008]

Pidgeon Led A Second Failed Attempt To Challenge Obama’s Eligibility In 2009. According to the Seattle Times:

Pidgeon has also been a figure in the widely discredited "birther" movement that peddles conspiracy theories alleging that President Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen of the U.S.

In 2009 he filed a petition in federal court in Washington, D.C., seeking a grand jury investigation of those claims. (The case was quickly dismissed.) [Seattle Times1/20/12

Pidgeon Self-Published A Book Promoting “Birther” Theories. In 2011, Pidgeon self-published a book, The Obama Error, in which he accused Obama of committing several federal crimes in order to conceal information about his birth. The book includes chapters titled “The unlawful birth of Barack Obama” and “Is Obama and Agent of a Foreign Principal?” [The Obama Error5/21/11]

Pidgeon: Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate Is “Completely Fraudulent.” From a June 3, 2011 interview with TruNews’s Rick Wiles:

PIDGEON: There’s been several – well there’s been, I would say probably twenty five forensic analyses of the long-form birth certificate, all which indicate the thing is completely fraudulent, from the fact is has [inaudible], from the fact that there’s page slants on the original form and not on the [inaudible] documentation. It’s just a complete fraud. [TruNews Radio interview, 6/3/11]

Pidgeon: Obama Changed His Name In British Columbia. Pidgeon claimed to have uncovered evidence that Obama legally changed his name from “Barak Mounir Ubayd” to “Barack Hussein Obama” in British Columbia on October 14,1982. [TruNews Radio interview, 6/3/11]

  • Even Other Birthers Have Rejected Pidgeon’s Name Change Theory. BirtherReport.com warns supporters not to “fall for Pidgeon’s ruse without verification from the Canadian provincial government that will never come.” [BirtherReport.com, 5/3/11]

Pidgeon: Malcolm X Is Obama’s Father. From a June 3, 2011 interview with TruNews’s Rick Wiles:

PIDGEON: I believe he was born in Seattle, Washington. I believe he was born in July of 1961 in Seattle, Washington. And that his name is not Barack Hussein Obama, and it wasn’t Barack Hussein Obama at birth, but it was probably something more like Stanley Dunham or Malcolm Stanley Dunham. I believe Malcolm X is the true father. He doesn’t know that.

WILES: Do you really?

PIDGEON: Yes, I do. I believe Malcolm X is the true father.

WILES: We’re back to another communist!

PIDGEON: Yeah, well, he’s not only a communist, but a communist Muslim.


PIDGEON: I mean every man in this guy’s life has been a communist Muslim. [TruNews Radio interview, 6/3/11, emphasis added]

Pidgeon Suggested Obama’s Relatives Were Being Killed To Conceal Information About His Birth. From a June 3, 2011 interview with TruNews’s Rick Wiles:

PIDGEON: He had another sister in Indonesia. Not his sister Maya who was born of Aunt Dunham, but he had an adopted sister that was adopted the same time as he was in Indonesia. Her name was Holiyah or she goes by Lia. But Lia unexpectedly dropped dead just before Obama went to visit Indonesia in 2010. And the Indonesian press covered this. They lived together, they shared a bedroom together in Jakarta.

WILES: Is this like his grandmother? His grandmother dropped dead too!

PIDGEON: She conveniently dropped dead just before the election. I mean, there’s a lot of people – the most dangerous place for you to be is to be a relative of Barack Obama on his mother’s side. [TruNews Radio interview, 6/3/11, emphasis added]

Pidgeon To Glenn Beck: “You Are Ill-Informed On The ‘Birther’ Issue.” In a 2010 open letter to “Glen Beck,” Pidgeon criticized the then-Fox News host for failing to take the “birther” issue seriously:

You are ill-informed on the "birther" issue.  Barack Obama, by his own admission, was a British subject at birth.  He has never denied having a Kenyan father, who himself was a British subject as a Kenyan native.  This is easily established under the British Nationality Act of 1948.  He is therefore disqualified to run for the office of the President, because the office is not available to subjects of other governments.  The issue is very simple, and very obvious.  Obama himself admitted that he wasn't a natural born citizen when he debated Alan Keyes in 2004.

Let's see you deal with this one.  There is nothing "nutty" about it, and it doesn't depend on whether his maternal grandmother tried to cover up a foreign birth in Hawaii by placing newspaper notices.  It is as plain as your face.  BHO is a foreign national first, and an American secondarily, if at all.  That is why he thinks there are 57 states; why he doesn't understand the constitution; why he wants to give us Britain's health care system (it's all in the teeth, don't you know); why he thinks Interpol should have greater authority in the US than US law enforcement; etc.  He is a British subject and has no business holding the office of POTUS. 


Glen Beck: a media persona who simply could not bring himself to utter the truth about Obama - that he is a usurper, holding the presidency illegally and unconstitutionally, because he is without a legal birthright.  Let us never forget who shirked their duty to tell the truth in these last hours, and let us not allow history to forget. [“Open Letter To Glen Beck,” via OutragedPatriots, 1/5/10, emphasis added]

Pidgeon: Homeland Security Is “Shadowing” Me Because Of My “Birther” Work. In 2009, Pidgeon told WorldNetDaily that he believed he was being “shadowed all day” by officers from the Department of Homeland Security because of his work investigating Obama’s birth certificate:

“There’s definitely observation,” attorney Stephen Pidgeon told WND. “Maybe observation in anticipation of making an arrest.”


Pidgeon said he has been “outspoken” about the Obama administration and its validity due to the eligibility questions, but didn’t realize he was “qualifying as an enemy of the state.”

He immediately reached out to a number of individuals through e-mail.

“My only protection is to contact the people I know,” he said. [WorldNetDaily, 3/25/09, emphasis added]

Pidgeon’s History Of Anti-Obama Extremism

Pidgeon Self-Published An Entire Book Comparing Obama To The Anti-Christ. In 2010, Pidgeon self-published a book, Behold! A White Horse!, comparing President Obama to the anti-Christ:

There is a person who will appear just before the return of Christ properly understood as the man of lawlessness, but often referred to – inaccurately – as the Antichrist as defined in 1 John and 2 John. The Beast that rises from the sea is in my view a system and not a person, while the man of lawlessness may also be understood as the beast who rises from the earth, the Assyrian, and the False Prophet, among others.

For those who have applied 666 to this person or that, such application ignores that this pseudo-Christ must satisfy all of the prophecies, not just a 666 enumeration.

My argument here is that the white horse of Revelation 6 is also an Antichrist – a man of lawlessness, a counterfeit Christ. This may qualify him to reach the status of the man of lawlessness whose identity is set forth in 2 Thessalonians 2, but of course, we will only know when he sets himself up in the temple of God, showing that he himself is God. Then we will know.

Until then, I have gathered all of the prophecies concerning the white horse here, and then compare them to the facts concerning our man Barack Hussein Obama as we know them. Time is short and the Kingdom of Heaven draws near. If you come to agree with the conclusion made herin, but have are unaware of the salvation found in Y’shua Ha Meshiach (you may have heard of Him as Jesus), the time is now. [Behold! A White Horse!, page 9-10, 12/5/10]

Pidgeon: Obama Wants To Be Caliph Of “Worldwide Islamic Caliphate.” From a June 3, 2011 interview with TruNews’s Rick Wiles:

PIDGEON: His ultimate objective is to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate with him as caliph, declaring himself to be God in the temple of God that will be constructed in Jerusalem on the temple mount. That’s what he intends. That’s who he thinks he is. [TruNews Radio interview, 6/3/11, emphasis added]

Pidgeon: Obama Is An “Islamic Nazi,” Member Of Muslim Brotherhood. From a June 3, 2011 interview with TruNews’s Rick Wiles:

PIDGEON: Do not think that he is not a Nazi. He is an Islamic Nazi. He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is engaged in economic jihad in the United States for the ultimate overthrow of this country, and he’s eighty percent of the way finished. [TruNews Radio interview, 6/3/11, emphasis added]

Pidgeon: I “Guarantee” Obama Reelection Will Create Iron Curtain Around America, Iron Fist Of An “Islamic Caliphate.” From a June 3, 2011 interview with TruNews’s Rick Wiles:

PIDGEON: We’re in the middle of a revolution right now-

WILES: Right.

PIDGEON: And it’s a velvet overthrow of the constitutional republic that is going to go into an iron fist after this next election.

WILES: I’m in complete agreement with you.

PIDGEON: I can guarantee you that this iron fist tyranny that will come down in this country will be an iron fist, it will be an Islamic fist, and there will be an iron curtain that’s imposed. You will not be able to escape this country. You will be locked into this country and you will be under the tyranny of the iron fist of an Islamic caliphate. [TruNews Radio interview, 6/3/11, emphasis added]

Pidgeon: “Obama’s Inauguration... Was The Death Knell For The Constitutional Republic.” From a June 3, 2011 interview with TruNews’s Rick Wiles:

PIDGEON: They key thing that your listeners need to know is that this fellow is not ignorant and he’s not brain dead. It is intentional. We have arrived at a condition where we are living under corporate fascism that has nothing to do with the Constitution. Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 2, 2009 was the death knell for the constitutional republic. TruNews Radio Interview, 6/3/11]

Pidgeon: Obama’s Agenda Is That Of A “Muslim Jihadist” Seeking To Destroy U.S., Secure Jerusalem From The Israelis. From Pidgeon’s self-published book, Behold! A White Horse!:

The agenda of Barack Hussein Obama appears to be that of a Muslim jihadist engaged to accomplish the following three objectives: 1) Cripple the economy of the United States, and consequently the economies of the trilateral financial word; 2) Empower and authorize Turkey to reestablish the Ottoman Empire; and 3) Secure Jerusalem from the Israelis. [Behold! A White Horse!, page 220,12/5/10]

Pidgeon’s History Of Promoting Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories

Pidgeon: “Socialist, Totalitarian, God-hating Marxists” Are “Overthrowing Our Republic.” During an April 2010 Tea Party rally in Olympia, Pidgeon reportedly said:

"Every day we wake up to a new battle line, and a new battle that's been lost, and it's been lost to socialist, totalitarian, God-hating Marxists who are overthrowing our Constitution and are overthrowing our republic," said Stephen Pidgeon, a lawyer who has challenged Obama's citizenship in court. [The News Tribune, 4/16/10, via Nexis]

Pidgeon: Democrats’ Social Security Solution Is To “Kill The Elderly,” “Destroy The Unborn.”  At that same rally, Pidgeon added:

"I see signs out here, 'Right to life for elders, too.' Of course the Social Security solution from the Democrats is to kill the elderly. The Social Security solution from the Democrats is to destroy the unborn," Pidgeon said. [The News Tribune, 4/16/10, via Nexis]

Pidgeon: Nationalized Healthcare Results In “Cyanide Pills” For Seniors. From a February 2009 radio interview on the Values Action Radio Show:

PIDGEON: When we get to nationalized and socialized health care, the health care that’s going to be available for people who otherwise tax the Social Security system, is going to be a pair of cyanide pills.

LARRY STICKNEY (host):  Yep.

PIDGEON:  Because what happens is, they say now we control all the health care, and you who are over 65 if you get sick, this is the health care you’re getting: assisted suicide and nothing else.  Now, as you can see, that’s death.  [Values Action Radio Show, via Pam’s House Blend, 5/27/09, emphasis added] 

Pidgeon: Man-Made Global Warming Is A Lie Used To Justify An International Totalitarian Order. From Pidgeon’s self-published book, Behold! A Pale Green Horse!:

Simply put, the hypothesis that man’s output of CO2 is causing the earth to warm is a lie, and it is a lie that has been raised intentionall by a group of international fascists seeking to create and control an international totalitarian order and to pocket a cool fortune while doing so. They have an agenda – a green fascist agenda. [Behold! A Pale Green Horse, page 17, 2/24/11]

  • Pidgeon’s Pale Green Horse Is Riddled With Environmental Conspiracy Theories. Chapters from Pidgeon’s book include “Architects in the Global Warming Fraud,” “The Campaign To Destroy America’s Future,” and “The International Conspiracy,” all alleging that environmentalists use the environment as an excuse to engage  in “eco-terrorism,” “green fascism,” and even genocide against “other races.” [Behold! A Pale Green Horse, page 14-15, 2/24/11]

Pidgeon’s History Of Anti-LGBT Extremism

Pidgeon: Marriage Equality Creates An “Order Of Death.” From a February 2009 radio interview on the Values Action Radio Show:

PIDEGON: So the ritual of marriage is the very core, the very heart of a social system.  And when you talk about this very core and very heart of the system, you come in and you introduce the concept of same-sex marriage or secular marriage, or any of the other rituals that have been formed by the state – and what you do is disestablish the godly order in favor of an order of death. And governments become more and more deadly when their adversary, the family, is destroyed. Government is at war with the family, it always has been.  It sees the family, the unit of the family as a direct threat to its ultimate sovereignty.  But you have to remember, the government is of the world, and it is of its father of the world.  And when governments get to that point, when they become, when they lose touch with the god who created them and the authority of Christ over them, and they begin to assert themselves as god, they will move to become a killing agent.  The only thing that stands in the way of that is the strength of the family. [Values Action Radio Show, via Pam’s House Blend, 5/27/09, emphasis added]

Pidgeon: “Homosexual Rights Are About Population Control.”  From a February 2009 radio interview on the Values Action Radio Show:

PIDGEON: When I say that government is about death, you need to understand that this is their stated goals.  So you need to look at that, and see what that is.  Homosexual rights are not about homosexual rights.  They have people who are willing to play into that field, but the truth is that homosexual rights are about population control, and the goal is to get the United States to 150 million people.  That’s why they promote, that’s why homosexual rights are found in the same bailiwick with unbridled abortion, mandatory sterilization, so on and so forth.  The idea is to reduce family size, to reduce the family to make sure that no one can procreate so as to get the population dramatically reduced.  That’s what it is about. And so, now in addition, no one has looked at the practical costs of gay marriage.  You know the divorce rate among homosexual married men is about 8 times higher than among the heterosexual community, which is astronomical. [Values Action Radio Show, via Pam’s House Blend, 5/27/09, emphasis added]

Pidgeon: Same-Sex Marriage Is A Form Of “Worship To The Demons Of Olympus.” During a speech at a March 2009 rally against Washington’s domestic partnership law, Pidgeon said:

The Ten Commandments provides honor thy father and mother, which is another edict from which the right of every child to a father and a mother springs.  This is a fundamental human right.  This state needs to recognize it.  Instead the state is at war with the family.  And this sanctuary of worship to the demons of Olympus is stained with the blood of the casualties of this war, most of whom are children.

There is no god-ordained right to same-sex marriage.  Let’s be clear about that.  There is only a state-granted privilege.  Marriage is the cultural heart and expression of a society’s relationship with god. [Pidgeon Speech, via Pam’s House Blend, 5/27/09, emphasis added]

Pidgeon: Marriage Equality Is “Moral Fascism,” “Act Of War Against The Family.” During a speech at a March 2009 rally against Washington’s domestic partnership law, Pidgeon said:

Now the state, who’s at war with our families, seeks to give us same-sex marriage.  Let’s make no bones about this: this is an act of aggression, and an act of war against the family.  Same-sex marriage as a political policy is moral fascism.  This [unintelligible] begins with the recognition of the “right” for same-sex couples to marry, and is quickly followed by anti-discrimination laws, hate speech laws, and criminal sanctions for those who are unwilling to renounce their relationship with god in order to embrace the deviant edicts of the state. [Pidgeon Speech, via Pam’s House Blend, 5/27/09, emphasis added]

Pidgeon: Marriage Equality Will Lower The Status Of Women In Society. During an April 2011 Tea Party rally in Washington, Pidgeon claimed:

PIDGEON: If you’re going to exalt homosexuality and same-sex marriage, let me tell you who’s going to pay the price for that. It is the status of women. Because women only achieve equality in a society that provides for monogamy in a one man, one woman marriage. Period. Every other society that has abandoned that standard – which is a Christian standard I might add – when you abandon that standard, guess what, women lose status. [Pidgeon Speech, 4/15/11]

Pidgeon: ENDA Would Protect Pedophilia, Necrophilia, Bestiality, and Wife-Beating. In a 2009 open letter to “pastors and elders,” Pidgeon criticized legislation barring employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, writing:

First, President Obama supports an enhanced version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (“ENDA”), an act narrowly defeated in the US House last year that was proposed by noted homosexual representative Barney Frank.  Rep. Frank limited the language to include only homosexuals and bisexuals; however, President Obama seeks to expand the non-discrimination language to include “sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.”


This means that erotic desires, fantasies, and spontaneous feelings toward, homosexuality, bisexuality, cybersex, incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, polygamy, bigamy, sodomy, bestiality, prostitution, fetishism, transvestitism, even arguably wife-beating, will become protected under federal law against discrimination in employment.  Under ENDA, a church can avoid employing a pastor or other ministers within the practices of the church, but secular employment such as administrative staff, day care assistants, teachers, drivers, and so on, will be protected by the Act. [“Open Letter To Pastors And Elders,” Deca Logos International, 2/5/09, emphasis added]

Pidgeon: Hate Crimes Laws Will Make It Illegal To Text About Pedophiles, Wife Beaters. Later in his open letter, Pidgeon made a similar criticism of LGBT hate crime legislation, writing:

This law means that a person practicing homosexuality, bisexuality, cybersex, incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, polygamy, bigamy, sodomy, bestiality, prostitution, fetishism, transvestitism, even arguably wife-beating, will be able to bring a prosecution against a person who makes a phone call, sends a text message, makes a Facebook entry or a website post, sends an email or a letter/newsletter that in the eyes of the person offended is likely to expose them to hatred or contempt. [“Open Letter To Pastors And Elders,” Deca Logos International, 2/5/09]

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