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Meet Paul Diamond, The Anti-Gay Barrister Speaking At NOM’s ITAF Conference

June 06, 2012 2:32 pm ET

Last week, the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Ruth Institute announced that UK barrister Paul Diamond would be speaking at its annual weekend-long “It Takes A Family To Raise A Village” (ITAF) conference, which is geared towards introducing students to prominent anti-gay activists in order to prepare them to defend “natural marriage.” Diamond is a vocal proponent of “ex-gay” therapy, has ties to an anti-gay hate group, and has lobbied against efforts to protect LGBT people from discrimination.

Diamond Will Speak At ITAF Conference

Ruth Institute: “Barrister Extraordinaire” Paul Diamond Will Speak At ITAF Conference. In a May 23 blog post, the Ruth Institute announced that Paul Diamond would be speaking at its summer ITAF conference:

Guess Who’s Coming to ITAF!


Paul Diamond, barrister extraordinaire from the U.K., (barrister is British for lawyer) is coming to CA and participating in our summer conference! We are truly blessed. Diamond’s sense of humor and blunt eloquence make him an exceptionally dynamic speaker. His counsel and strategic insight is sought out by both policy makers and religious leaders. And now you can hear him speak in the United States practically for free! Don’t miss out. [Ruth Institute blog, 5/23/12]

Diamond’s Anti-Gay Activism

Diamond: Gay Agenda Is Promoted By “People Who Haven’t Had Any Moral Background.” From the December 12 edition of the Ruth Institute’s podcast:

JENNIFER MORSE (Ruth Institute President): When you say the same-sex agenda, I think it’s important to just kind of stop and say what that is. What do you think that is? What is it they’re promoting?

DIAMOND: I don’t think it’s got the sophistication of any cogent thing. I know people like to believe there’s some sort of massive conspiracy.

MORSE: Well there doesn’t need to be a conspiracy, right?

DIAMOND: I think it’s a lot of very selfish [inaudible] people who haven’t had any moral background wanting to have a pleasurable lifestyle and not only don’t want anyone to object to it, but somehow the thought that there’s some morality engaged, that they’re doing something unethical, it sends them into a rage and they assume – I mean this is one of the things I’ve been staggered about when these people attack an elderly citizen – they’re the moral people. They’re the moral people. They’re doing something, silencing something terribly wicked and they prop themselves up in some self-congratulatory moral lie. And that’s the extraordinary thing. I mean we can all – can I be blunt – we can all understand the attractions of sex and a wild life... There’s an attraction to all of that. But there’s an unnatural desire to not to tolerate any opposition to it and to manufacture a self-morality. [Ruth Institute Podcast, via Equality Matters, 12/12/11, emphasis added]

Diamond: “People Do Change” After “Ex-Gay” Therapy, “It Has A High Success Rate.” During a 2011 interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Diamond said:

DIAMOND: They call it human rights and it’s -- they use these grand terms like tolerance and diversity. It’s a hard nosed political agenda in which an objective appears to be to remove Judeo-Christian morality from the public realm.


DIAMOND: People do change after treatment. And it is has a high success rate and there’s no evidence of any harm. That is actually the evidence. [Christian Broadcasting Network, via YouTube, 3/9/11]

Diamond: “Abandon Respectability” In The Fight Against The Homosexual Agenda. During a September 2011 banquet held by the group MassResistance, Diamond gave a speech warning about the dangers of pro-LGBT regulations. According to MassResistance:

He gave a riveting talk and answered questions about what's happening in Britain right now, and how America is on that same horrible path unless we take action now. He came to the US exclusively to speak to MassResistance, and during his stay was also interviewed on several radio stations in Massachusetts and across the country.

His message was blunt: "You've got to stop this now in America while you still can."


[S]pread the truth. We must move out of our own sphere of influence and create debate among average Americans about the harmful truths of the homosexual agenda, he said.

"Children are pawns in an unprecedented social experiment with the most disastrous outcomes." he said. "We need explain this; liberals will lose the debate because their arguments are illogical and weak," Diamond said.

"They cannot survive rational arguments. You need to create debate."

However, be prepared to abandon false PC "respectability." "You're going to have to abandon respectability. You're not going to be liked by Harvard University or the mainstream media," he said, "but you might be heard because you'll be speaking intelligently."


They are imposing a new morality. And though much of it is being built through obscure things such as housing regulations, anti-discrimination codes, etc., it all adds up to a totalitarian atmosphere. [MassResistance, 9/27/11, emphasis original]

  • MassResistance Has Been Labeled An Anti-Gay Hate Group By The Southern Poverty Law Center. [SPLC, Winter 2010]

Diamond: UK’s Non-Discrimination Laws Are “Being Used To Eradicate Judeo-Christian Morality And Usher In Secular Values.” In a March 2011 column for Christian Concern, Diamond wrote:

The ideals of the Equality Acts and the Sexual Orientation Regulations have much to commend them in so far as all civilised people would not accept overt discrimination against any person based on irrelevant considerations as to their sexual orientation or faith. However, the laws are bad. They are poorly drafted leaving too much discretion to the Courts; they are contradictory in so far as one cannot have a society without substantive values. Finally and most importantly these laws are political laws seeking a political objective.

The laws are currently being used to eradicate Judeo Christian morality and usher in secular values. The secular movement is but a variant of the Utopian ambitions that have inspired man from the beginning of time.  However, the end game of such programmes is always the same. To repeatedly promote a failed ideology is base ignorance or at its worst criminal. Coerced morality or coerced immorality (depending on one’s perspective) is not the hallmark of a free society.


This liberal tyranny must be rejected by the British people. The law is now prejudiced, irrational and partial; it punishes individuals for ‘thought crime’ and the State endorses an inverse morality. Many British people despair of the law enforcement agencies and have (rightly) little confidence that they will achieve justice in the courts. There is no reason in law or otherwise why sexual orientation rights should prevail over religious rights. There is something deeply wrong with the ethical and legal compass of Britain. [Christian Concern, 3/10/11, emphasis added]

Diamond Spoke Out Against Extending Hate Crime Protections To LGBT Americans. According to Christian Newswire:

From 1 to 3 pm today, a coalition of concerned Christians held a press conference outside of the Justice Department in Washington. D.C., decrying the recent expansion of federal hate-crimes legislation to include homosexuals, and contending that this will result in the persecution of Bible-believing Christians.


Paul Diamond, a barrister, traveled from London to describe how the British equivalent of hate-crimes laws have been used to persecute Christians who have dared to speak out for God's word regarding an aberrant lifestyle. Diamond works with the Christian Legal Centre, which protects the civil rights of faithful Christians. [Christian Newswire, 11/16/09]

Diamond Spoke At An Anti-Gay Conference Titled “The Lepers Among Us: Homosexuality And The Life Of The Church.” According to Keith Sharpe, Chair of Changing Attitude Sussex:

A few weeks before Christmas 2011 Anglican Mainstream announced its intention to stage a conference in London on 27th January to be called: ‘The Lepers Among Us: Homosexuality and the Life of the Church’. 

A number of us involved in Changing Attitude and the LGBT Anglican coalition were outraged by the implication that gay people can be likened to lepers, i.e. diseased, deformed and deserving of social exclusion and death unless ‘cured’.


Clearly the police took these complaints seriously and Anglican Mainstream, presumably deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, changed the name of the conference to ‘The Pastoral and the Prophetic in conflict?  Homosexuality and the Church’. Oddly, however, their co-sponsors, the ‘CORE’  issues Trust, did not, and consequently there was utter confusion as to what conference exactly it was that those of us who had signed up for it were actually going to be attending.


After the desultory Perkin-Reynolds interview in the afternoon there was a presentation by barrister Paul Diamond who spoke articulately but appeared to get carried away with his own rhetoric, making absurd generalisations about the police being ‘anti-Christian’. [Changing Attitudes, 1/30/12]

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