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Maryland's Marriage Equality Bill Sent Back To Committee, Reportedly Delayed Till Next Year

March 11, 2011 2:50 pm ET - by Equality Matters staff

A bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in Maryland, has been sent back to the House Judiciary Committee, potentially killing the bill for the remainder of the year. NBC is reporting that the move effectively kills the bill until next year.

As the Baltimore Sun noted, the decision to return the bill to committee was done to avoid forcing a vote on the bill until enough votes in favor of its passage were secured:

The high-stakes move saved the chamber's 141 members from having to declare a position on the divisive issue.

It's unclear what will happen next. The Senate signed off on the plan last month, but it has faced a rocky road in the House.

Equality Maryland called the decision a "strategic step":

Though we are disappointed that we must continue to fight for marriage equality, today's move was a strategic step that will allow us to fight and win in the future.

We celebrate that-for the first time-marriage equality legislation made it through the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, the Senate, the House Judiciary Committee, and was debated in the House of Delegates.

The marriage bill just barely passed out of committee last week.


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