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Herman Cain: I’d Rather Defend DOMA Than Protect Religious Liberty

March 29, 2011 3:55 pm ET - by Equality Matters staff

Herman Cain, potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate and Tea Party favorite, solidified his anti-gay credentials earlier this week when he talked to Political Correction about the Justice Department’s efforts to enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964 against a public school that allegedly discriminated against a Muslim teacher seeking to perform Hajj. 

“I would rather the DOJ enforce the Defense of Marriage Act than worry about whether a lady was let go because she wanted to take off an inordinate amount of time,” he said, adding his name to the long list of Tea Partiers who have already abandoned their pledge to focus on economic issues and protect state rights:

PC: Let me ask you, the Obama administration, Eric Holder's DOJ, is going after public schools - he's suing public schools, for - there was a case where he's suing a public school for releasing a Muslim woman, letting her go because she wanted to go on a pilgrimage. Do you think that's political, what they're doing, or do you think that's the job of the federal DOJ?

CAIN: That's political...purely political is what that is. I would rather the DOJ enforce the Defense Of Marriage Act than worry about whether a lady was let go because she wanted to take off an inordinate amount of time. Rules are rules in the workplace. The last time I checked, if you work for somebody, you work for an institution, and they've got work rules, you don't go take the job and then you want to change the rules later because of your religion. Go work somewhere else.

What’s interesting about Cain’s position is the fact that, to him, preventing gay and lesbian couples from getting married is more important than protecting the teacher’s right to freely practice her religion without fear of discrimination.

After years of fear-mongering about the threat marriage equality poses to “religious liberty,” it appears that, when push comes to shove, right-wingers are prioritizing anti-gay persecution over actually protecting religious freedom.

Unsurprisingly, Cain has already expressed his opposition to giving LGBT people “special rights” through legislation like the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.


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