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Republicans Sticking To Their Anti-LGBT Guns For 2012

April 06, 2011 10:39 am ET - by Carlos Maza

UPDATE: As of April 12, the "Hope Isn't Hiring" website has been taken down. The link now redirects to GOP.com.

Many House Republicans have already demonstrated, on multiple occasions, their willingness to abandon the economic focus they touted during the 2010 midterms in order to pander to social conservatives on LGBT equality.

Now, however, it appears that the Republican Party as a whole has called off its “truce” on social issues entirely. As Politico’s Ben Smith noted Monday, the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) new microsite “Hope Isn’t Hiring” firmly establishes the GOP as a party that will continue to fight LGBT equality in 2012.  The website, which is aimed at preventing President Obama’s reelection, includes a “Social Issues” tab, listing the party’s top 10 grievances with the Obama administration. These include:

1. Despite It Being The Law Of The Land, Obama Refused To Continue To Defend The Defense Of Marriage Act In Court.

2. Obama Repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell While U.S. Troops Are Still On The Battlefield.


6. Obama Opposed California’s Prop 8 And Has Expanded Government Recognition Of Same-Sex Couples. [Hope Isn’t Hiring, accessed 4/5/11]

The RNC also recently put together a Committee on Presidential Debates in order to determine its involvement in the 2012 primary elections. Last week, the RNC named Tom Minnery, executive director of anti-gay Focus On the Family affiliate CitizenLink, to serve on the committee. According to Minnery:

“They wanted someone who represents social conservatives, who is not a member of the (Republican National) Committee,” he said, “and that’s why they asked me.

“The party wants the candidate forums to be driven by party activists and grassroots representatives, and less by the national media that televise these events. The idea is that the party ought to be able to have some say over who poses questions to the candidates running for the party’s nomination for president.”

The addition of Minnery to the RNC’s Committee on Presidential Debates is actually eerily consistent with the path potential GOP 2012 presidential candidates have been taking for the past several months. As Jeremy Hooper at Good As You has noted, most of the Republican frontrunners have already aligned themselves with anti-gay groups like the American Family Association -- many of them even going on Bryan Fischer’s radio show.

Anyone who believed in 2010 that Republicans would put aside divisive social battles in order to focus on creating jobs and restoring the economy should feel thoroughly duped. As the 2012 elections inch closer, the GOP appears prepared to finally show its true (anti-equality) colors. 


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