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Psychiatrist: We Need To Protect Kids From Being Exposed To LGBT People

April 14, 2011 9:59 am ET - by Carlos Maza

Last week, the California Senate Judiciary Committee narrowly voted to advance the FAIR Education Act (SB 48), a bill that would require state schools incorporate into their curriculum, the contributions of LGBT Americans to development of California and the U.S.

Before the bill’s approval however, the committee held a hearing on the bill, during which psychiatrist Miriam Grossman warned the committee members that talking about transgender people could “frighten” young children:

Grossman, who has written several books about the dangers of “safer sex” culture, actually offers some incredibly insightful testimony about the objectives of anti-gay conservatives:

This bill mandates the introduction of ideas into the classroom without considering the capacity of students to grasp and absorb these ideas.

The “ideas” she’s referring to, of course, are that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people are real human beings who contribute to society and exist everywhere. Indeed, Grossman even goes so far as to assert that “there is no age-appropriate way” to teach children about the existence of transgender people in American society.

As ridiculous as these fears are, they accurately reflect the ultimate goal of many right-wing anti-gay groups, which is to completely eliminate the acknowledgment of the lives and contributions of LGBT individuals from American schools:

It is our responsibility to protect children as best we can from exposure to facts and experiences that they are not equipped to handle… If this bill, SB 48 passes, I fear for the children of this state. More harm will come from this bill than good. Certainly, we can teach children the importance of respect and tolerance in a manner that is consistent with child development and biological truths. [emphasis added]

Bonus: The original footage is being promoted by the anti-gay hate group MassResistance, which has already played a large role in fighting LGBT equality in states like Maryland.


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