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Fox News Pulls Transphobic Chaz Bono Piece From Its Website

May 18, 2011 3:26 pm ET - by Carlos Maza

It appears that the campaign to call attention to Fox’s anti-gay bias may already be having an impact.

On Tuesday, May 17, Fox News posted an article by transphobic psychiatrist and contributor Dr. Keith Ablow about Chaz Bono, who has recently opened up to the public about the experience of being a transgender person.

Ablow accused Chaz of suffering from a “psychotic delusion” and compared transitioning to “bending reality to conform to a person’s psychosis”:

Second, while Chaz Bono may now feel that her journey toward self-acceptance has ended, I am not convinced. I say this because, absent the gender politics involved, I was taught to consider Chaz Bono’s contention that she is male as a psychotic delusion—a fixed and false belief.


I think Chaz Bono, who is, in fact, a woman, will not escape, through surgery or manipulation of hormones, suffering that is far more than skin deep.

The post quickly came under criticism for its transphobic overtones. By Wednesday afternoon, the post had been taken down from Fox News’ website.

Zack Ford at Think Progress has the full text of the article as well as a screenshot of the article on the Fox News website.

It’s interesting to see Fox take down Ablow’s post piece considering its long, long history of promoting anti-LGBT bias and misinformation. Could it be that Fox is turning over a new leaf?

I’m not holding my breath.


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