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Fox News Stays Silent On Bachmann’s Ex-Gay Scandal

July 13, 2011 4:28 pm ET - by Carlos Maza

Fox News’ anti-LGBT agenda and shameless promotion of GOP candidates have apparently teamed up this week to prevent the network from even mentioning the growing scandal over Michelle Bachmann’s husband’s promotion of “ex-gay therapy.”

Earlier this week, the LGBT activist group Truth Wins Out released an undercover investigation revealing that one of Marcus Bachmann’s Christian counseling centers was offering to help gay and lesbian “pray the gay away” – a practice that is ineffective, widely discredited by all mainstream medical associations, and can cause severe psychological harm to vulnerable gay men and lesbians.

ABC News and The Nation were the first to break the story this week, with other major news networks soon following.

MSNBC ran several segments on Bachmann’s anti-gay therapy sessions, including segments on Martin Bashir, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Hardball with Chris Matthews, The Ed Show, and Andrea Mitchell Reports. The network also posed an Associated Press article about Bachmann’s clinic on its website.

CNN also extensively covered the story, running at least four segments on Bachmann’s clinic on July 13 alone and spotlighting the issue on Anderson Cooper 360 and The Situation Room. CNN also ran an article covering the story on its website.

Over at Fox News, the coverage looked a little different.

Fox provides Nexis transcripts only for its prime-time shows. But, according to searches of Nexis and TVEyes, since the controversy over Bachmann’s clinic broke last Friday, Fox News appears to have mentioned the story just once on air. During the July 12 edition of Fox News’ newest show The Five, host Andrea Tantaros attacked “the left” for “trying to take this jobs-economy election and turn it into an issue about gay marriage. To his credit, during the segment, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld questioned the entire idea of trying to “un-gay gays”:

Fox’s web coverage hasn’t been much better. Aside from posting a video of Alan Colmes interviewing a Truth Wins Out investigator about the clinic, FoxNews.com was completely silent on Bachmann’s “ex-gay” practices.

When Fox Nation got around to picking up the story, it used it to paint Bachmann as a “victim” instead of actually discussing how ridiculous it is that a presidential candidate co-owns a clinic that attempts to “cure” people of homosexuality:

[Fox Nation, accessed 7/12/11]

That’s it. That’s all of it.

While ABC, CNN, and MSNBC all ran multiple segments covering and analyzing Truth Wins Out’s investigation, Fox mentioned it on air once, posted a headline defending Bachmann on Fox Nation, posted one Alan Colmes video, and called it a day.

When “liberals” do anything that can be spun as an attempt to “turn kids gay” (a delusional concept), Fox can barely contain its outrage -- running segment after segment criticizing their “indoctrination” efforts.

When a GOP presidential candidate embraces a discredited, ineffective, and highly damaging method of turning people straight, on the other hand, it barely warrants a mention.


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