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NOM: Homosexuality Is “Immorality,” “Evil,” “Darkness Parading Around As Light”

September 08, 2011 4:19 pm ET - by Carlos Maza

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is no stranger to promoting smears about gay people. In August alone, the group asserted that homosexuality would “end your life prematurelyand called it an “addictive” and “fatal” behavioral choice akin to pedophilia.

Unfortunately, this month isn’t shaping up to be much better.

In a September 8 blog entry entitled “Freedom to Speak the Truth or the ‘Gospel’ of Tolerance?,” NOM posted an excerpt from a column written by Jennifer Hartline for Catholic Online. According to Hartline, “homosexual activists” are engaged in a tireless campaign to silence Christians who have violated what she calls the “Gospel of Tolerance.”  

Hartline goes on to list several moral truths” that she says need to be told so that people “might decide to reject sin and gain life”:

1. Public displays of affection between gay people are immoral:

Stacy Trasancos is one gutsy Catholic.  Last week she wrote a little blog post about how she's getting tired of wondering "what in tarnation we're going to encounter" every time she and her kids leave the house.  Two men ogling each other at the pool?  Two women engaged in public displays of affection in the park?  These are scenes she'd rather her young children not be exposed to every time they go out in public, but it's become impossible to avoid in her community.

For having the nerve to express her objection to immorality, she's become the object of wrath and nasty threats from homosexual activists. [emphasis added] 

2. Tolerating homosexuality is "acquiesc[ing] to evil": 

Well here's a radical piece of truth for you:  tolerance is not a virtue. It's not a moral victory to acquiesce to evil. 

3. Homosexuality is “evil” and “darkness parading around as light”:

Christians now find themselves in the sobering territory of the new Dark Ages, when evil is called good and darkness is called light. (Isaiah 5:20)

Well, I'm with Stacy. I've had it with all this darkness parading around as light, being championed by the government, paid for with my tax dollars, shoved in my face and my children's faces and rammed down our throats.  I'm tired of being branded a hateful bigot for not abandoning the moral truths that have been the foundation of the human race since time began.  And frankly I couldn't care less if you find that intolerant. [emphasis added]

4. Children’s “innocence” is being “ripped away” by sex education classes that celebrat[e]” LGBT people:

I find it intolerable that our children's innocence is being ripped away from them beginning in Kindergarten with the new mandate of Sex-Ed that indoctrinates them into embracing and celebrating homosexuality, trans-sexuality, gender-neutral insanity, every imaginable manner of promiscuity and abortion.  It's intolerable that our kids are seen as "sexual beings" rather than human souls. [emphasis added]

5. “Adults in power” are "robbing the children of childhood purity” by teaching them about gay sex and gay marriage:

What's truly intolerable is that the adults in power are robbing the children of childhood purity to further their own immoral agenda.  What's horrifyingly intolerable is that killing an innocent child is considered a woman's sacred "right."

It is intolerable that my children will probably not be able to make it to puberty without learning about sodomy and "gay marriage."  It is intolerable that before they can even drive a car they will also be convicted of intolerance if they dare to defend true marriage and sexual purity.  It's intolerable that they are growing up in a culture that defiles marriage, corrupts the family, perverts sexuality and destroys human life. [emphasis added]

These “truths” fall perfectly in line with NOM’s anti-gay talking points. During the fight for marriage equality in New York earlier this year, NOM distributed thousands of mailers warning that same-sex marriage would “forever change the innocence of our kids” and “poison young minds.”

NOM’s chairwoman Maggie Gallagher continues to claim that NOM’s “battle is not with an orientation,” even as it endorses homosexuality as an “evil,” “immoral” “darkness.” The question is: does anybody seriously believe her?


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