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LifeSiteNews Manufactures A Gay Parenting Horror Story

September 16, 2011 3:20 pm ET - by Carlos Maza

This week, news surfaced that a six-year-old boy in Australia was removed from the care of his same-sex foster parents after the couple posted a picture of him dressed as a girl to Facebook.

Rather than treat the incident as an unfortunate and isolated event, LifeSiteNews chose to turn it into a horror story about the dangers of same-sex parenting. In a September 13 article, LifeSiteNews reporter Patrick Craine used the story as an opportunity to stir up anxieties about gay and lesbian parents:

One of the women is reportedly seeking to undergo a 'sex change', while the other is hoping to bear a child through artificial reproduction.

Dawn Stefanowicz, an author and speaker who was raised by her homosexual father, told LifeSiteNews that the incident highlights the dangers of placing children in "experimental family structures." She says children in such situations are prone to confusion about their sexuality and gender.


Stefanowicz, the author of Out from Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting, said the lesbian couple's decision to dress the boy as a girl and put the photo on Facebook was "abusive and disturbing" whether he wanted to wear the dress or not. "To place children in the most experimental family structures where both gender and sexuality are open to whatever you want it to mean is treacherous and unstable," she said.

"Gender identity, gender roles, and sexuality are often considered fluid and boundless in homosexual households, diminishing both the value and importance of our own birth gender as children," she continued.

She said that growing up in a household in which her father had sex with other men "deeply affected" her "sense of self as a girl and young woman."

"I felt rejected and not as important as the males in my life," she explained.  "I didn't see a significant woman in my life - mother - being loved. This lead me to believe that maybe it would have been better to have been born a boy." [emphasis added]

As Good As You's Jeremy Hooper has pointed out, Dawn Stefanowicz has made a career of demonizing same-sex parents by recalling her own (highly suspicious) personal experiences with a gay father. She is not an expert on family structures, parenting, or child development. She's an accountant.

And much like LifeSiteNews, Stefanowicz is making generalizations about the entire LGBT community based on a single example in which a gay person proved to be an unfit parent.

Never mind that study after study has shown that gays and lesbians are just as capable of raising healthy and happy children as heterosexuals. And never mind that there are countless examples of straight parents who've done less-than-stellar of raising their own children (Casey Anthony, anyone?). At LifeSiteNews, just one example is all it takes to conclude that all gays and lesbians are incapable of good parenting.

Unsurprisingly, the article is already being promoted by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which asks "Are some social workers a little too anxious to affirm novel family forms?"


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