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UPDATE: HuffPo Asks Readers “Who’s Got The Tranny Look?”

November 07, 2011 9:39 am ET - by Carlos Maza

UPDATE: The Huffington Post has since taken down its article. The article's URL now directs to a note from the editor:

Editor's Note: This entry has been removed from The Huffington Post. In reporting actress Sofia Vergara’s comments comparing her appearance to that of a transgender individual, the story adopted an inappropriate tone. We regret the error and apologize to anyone who was offended.

On November 3, the Huffington Post published a grossly transphobic article asking readers to determine which female celebrity actress “has got the more ‘tranny’ look.”

The article – which appeared in Huffington Post’s Style section and was written by Ellie Krupnick – references two quotes in which actresses Sofia Vergara and Blake Lively reference looking and feeling “like a tranny,” inviting readers to vote for “who’s the tranniest of them all”:

With these two quotes in mind (and while acknowledging that both these women are gorgeous and don't really resemble transvestites at all), we of course have an obligation to ask: who's the tranniest of them all?

[Huffington Post, accessed 11/4/11]

Needless to say, Krupnick’s article is premised on the idea that it’s somehow an insult or embarrassing to be compared to a transgender person. Throughout the piece, she uses the terms “tranny” and “transvestite” – both derogatory ways to describe transgender people. In a twisted attempt to appear civil, Krupnick even assures both actresses that, unlike “transvestites,” they are “gorgeous” and shouldn’t take the poll personally.

Considering the source, Krupnick’s article is surprising. The Huffington Post recently launched a “Gay Voices” section, devoted exclusively to covering LGBT issues, and even includes a tab for stories about the transgender community.

“We of course have an obligation to ask”: why, then, is the Style section publishing articles aimed at poking fun at transgender people’s appearances and adding to the already unacceptable amount of stigma and discrimination that transgender people face on a daily basis?


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