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NOM Thinks Author Of "Fag," Lisping Jokes Is "Funny!!"

March 28, 2012 5:11 pm ET - by Carlos Maza

On Wednesday, the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Ruth Institute promoted a column written by Townhall contributor Mike Adams titled “Mad About GLAAD.”

From the looks of it, Adams -- who NOM’s Ruth Institute called “funny!!” -- isn’t happy about being excluded from GLAAD’s recently launched Commentator Accountability Project (CAP). He devotes his column to explaining why he deserves to be included on GLAAD’s list of anti-gay commentators, making a number of crass anti-LGBT jokes in the process:

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation (GLAAD) Commentator Accountability Project came out to the media earlier this month. As you know, this project aims to put “critical information” about “anti-gay interviewees” into the hands of “newsrooms, editors, hosts and reporters” who “don’t often have the time to dig into the histories of a commentator.” In other words, it is a branch of the Gaystapo using Nazi tactics to ban those who disagree with them from appearing in the media. I call it pink-listing. This is not to be confused with pink-lisping, which refers to the tendency of homosexuals to develop speech impediments as soon as they come out of the closet.


The Commentator Accountability Project claims it is “bringing all of these statements to light while calling attention to the sentiment behind them.” That’s just not true. I’ve made plenty of statements against Gilberts, Giblets, and Total-goobers that have been overlooked by GLAAD. They need to call attention to these statements so they can know what’s going on behind them. Even when they aren’t in prison, gays should always know what’s going on behind them!

Although they say that their list of 25 commentators “represent nothing but extreme animus towards the entire LGBT community” they are wrong. Some of them are actually pretty nice. In fact, they are way nicer than I am.


Maggie Gallagher: Stop picking on girl. That’s just gay. Next, please.


And, speaking of inflammatory, what about some of my column titles on homosexuality; “The Old Rugged Cross-Dresser,” “Big Fat Appalachian Drag Queens,” “Fat Lesbians on Crack,” “Perversity and Diversity at my Little University,” and “It Ain’t Over Till the Fat Lesbian sings”? What exactly do I need to do to get pink listed by these people? I even call them “these people” but to no avail.

In short, I have been unfairly excluded by a group that claims to be inclusive. You guys at SPLC are experts in making main-stream people appear radical enough to blacklist. So I thought I would turn to you for some advice. If you think of any, please do not hesitate to write. Until then, I’m headed to the cigar shop to smoke a couple of fags.

As he admits in his column, Adams has a track record of producing inflammatory anti-LGBT hate speech in the hopes of getting noticed, including columns like:

Unfortunately for Adams, his anti-LGBT trolling hasn’t made him important enough to be included on GLAAD’s list.

What is important is that -- despite Adams openly boasting about his history of anti-gay hate speech -- NOM chose to promote this kind of over-the-top anti-gay extremism and even found him to be “funny!!”

Last November, NOM’s Ruth Institute was forced to shut down one of its bloggers after he promoted a series of similarly extreme, anti-gay columns. At the time, NOM promised it would avoid making uncivil comments about LGBT people :

His sarcasm has gone over the line and we don’t care to be associated with it...  We will stick to reporting on all aspects of the marriage issue in a civil way. [emphasis added]

And that is what’s truly hilarious.


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