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NOM: Same-Sex Marriage, Feminism Are Part Of A Socialist Plot To Destroy Capitalism

December 05, 2012 12:36 pm ET - by Carlos Maza

The fight for marriage equality is just part of a larger socialist plot to undermine the family and expand government control, according to the latest “treatise” released by the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Ruth Institute.

NOM is proudly advertising the release of its newest educational pamphlet, titled “The Socialist Attack On The Family”:

In it, Ruth Institute President Jennifer Morse argues that those seeking to legalize same-sex marriage are actually hoping to undermine the institution of marriage altogether, in an attempt to disrupt capitalism and allow for a government takeover of the family unit: 

Looking at American sexual politics, one might conclude that absolute sexual equality in all areas of life is something desperate Socialists invented when they realized they could never win on purely economic issues. But Socialism has had marriage in its cross-hairs from the very beginning.


Because the Left considers monogamous marriage a central part of the capitalist system of private property, they put enormous energy into destabilizing marriage.

To be fair, it isn’t just gay people who are working to dismantle capitalism in Morse’s view. It’s also women – and “Marxist-inspired” feminists in particular. Morse rails against “leftist” efforts to encourage women to participate in the workforce instead of staying home and raising children:

Many of us support the stated feminist objective of creating equal opportunities and incomes for men and women. But even this relatively innocuous goal gave the Left political entrée into regulating wages and working conditions that American society would never have accepted any other way.


So we not only have laws against wage discrimination. We have regulations for hiring, firing and promotion, rules about workplace behavior that might create a “hostile environment.” We have regulations of the schools to make sure women and girls feel welcome, so much that women now outnumber men in most undergraduate programs.

And then there’s this gem, where Morse encourages women to stay home and raise children while their husbands work because it’s the Christian thing to do:

Christianity, combined with free market thinking, offers a different solution to economic inequality between men and women than does Socialism.


Women would be better off if we accepted the reality that our fertility peaks during our twenties. Go to college for a liberal, not a vocational, education. Get married. Have kids. Let your husband support you. Maybe go back to school for an advanced degree. Go to work. Help support the kids’ college, and your joint retirement. And, since women live longer than men, we could be working longer and let our husbands relax a bit. [emphasis added]

This right-wing conspiracy theory – that gays and women are trying to destroy the family and usher in a socialist state – is actually not new in conservative circles. In November, NOM’s cultural director Thomas Peters suggested that rich people are funding the marriage equality fight in order to make way for a totalitarian government.


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