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Robert Oscar Lopez: Tyler Clementi Killed Himself Because He Was Raped By Older Men

July 10, 2013 1:05 pm ET - by Carlos Maza

Anti-gay activist Robert Oscar Lopez suggested that Tyler Clementi – the 18-year-old Rutgers student who committed suicide after his roommate secretly recorded video of him kissing another man – might have killed himself because he was raped by gay pedophiles when he was a teenager.

In a July 6 column for American Thinker, Lopez argued that society’s acceptance of homosexuality has resulted in the widespread sexual abuse of children by gay men. Lopez – whose mother was involved in a same-sex relationship – cites various examples to further the myth that gay men are more likely to engage in the sexual abuse of children than heterosexuals.

Lopez’s column is a nightmare of disgustingly homophobic propaganda. Here are just a few of his most egregious comments:

Tyler Clementi  killed himself because he was raped by older gay men as a teenager:

When Tyler Clementi committed suicide at the age of eighteen in September 2010, there was a torrent of sympathetic coverage that blamed homophobia.

Clementi had a sexual affair with "M.B.," a man who was thirty, whom he met over the internet.


Only recently, however, did I have a reporter ask for my perspective on Clementi from a different angle.  What about "M.B."?  Of course, none of us supports driving people to suicide, but why does it seem that Clementi, who had only turned eighteen, viewed it as banal to meet much older men on the internet?  And to have sex with them?  The reporter who called me asked, "Is it possible that this isn't a symptom of bullying, but rather, of a culture of organized online pederasty?"

Clementi had so much experience with online hookups that he must have started them prior to turning eighteen.  When he was a minor, it's probable that he had liaisons with men who were older than eighteen and committing statutory rape.  Seen through this lens, society failed not in fostering homophobia, but rather in allowing a culture of abuse to flourish online. [emphasis added]

Child molesters use accusations of homophobia to “deflect suspicion” about sexual abuse:

In England, the Telegraph reported on March 28, 2013 that a former Army cadet had come forward with a brutal tale of sexual abuse by the gay couple that adopted him.  


Many details betray garnishes peculiar to gay social life.  The 23-year difference between the two adoptive fathers hints at a daddy-son eroticism between the adult homosexuals, which may have spilled over into their relationships with the boy they adopted.  The drugs are party favors common to gay gatherings.  And it is evident that the couple hid behind the chic and novel nature of their family to deflect suspicion that otherwise would have led to early intervention. [emphasis added]

Gay rights have helped “repulsive creeps playing the victim to get away with rape and slavery”:

There are no signs that any of these abuse cases are isolated or anomalous.  Walter Williams was one of the most famous gender studies professors in North America; Mark Newton and Peter Truong were consciously touted as icons of homosexual hope.  Gay rights enabled their monstrosities.  The gay realm is shared by upstanding homosexuals seeking to dispel stereotypes and repulsive creeps playing the victim to get away with rape and slavery. [emphasis added]

The repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has led to an increase in gay rape in the military:

The rudest awakening is looming, still unacknowledged by a press devoted to hiding the truth about the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.  As many critics of the repeal predicted, sexual assaults have increased by 35% since 2010, when DADT was repealed.  The figures -- and many of the gay community's accusers -- do not lie, as much as we might wish to say they do.  Homosexual males commit 55-60% of the alarmingly high number of sexual assaults. [emphasis added]

Lopez is a close ally of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). In March, he was scheduled to speak at NOM’s anti-equality rally outside of the Supreme Court. His writing frequently appears on NOM’s blog. NOM has called Lopez a “hero,” touted his “excellent” testimony against marriage equality in Minnesota, and asked supporters to pray for him during his efforts to fight marriage equality.  NOM has also repeatedly relied on Lopez’s testimony about being raised by a woman in a same-sex relationship to argue against same-sex parenting.

NOM’s allies have peddled this kind of extreme anti-gay hate speech before. A July 3 blog post by NOM’s Ruth Institute similarly promoted the claim that pedophiles would use gay marriage as a “cover” to acquire children for sexual abuse.

And in February, NOM’s Jennifer Morse suggested that Clementi may have killed himself because he was exploited by a much older man. The Clementi family called on Morse to apologize for her comments, and she was eventually forced to clarify her remarks.

This post has been updated for clarity. The post previously claimed that Lopez had been raised by a same-sex couple. 


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