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Liberty Counsel: Teaching Students About LGBT People Is "Sexual Assault"

October 03, 2013 4:52 pm ET - by Luke Brinker

The right-wing Liberty Counsel is demanding that public schools stop celebrating LGBT History Month, condemning LGBT history education as "sexual assault on our children."

In an October 3 press release, Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver asserted that educating students about LGBT people promotes a "sexualized agenda." Like laws banning harmful and ineffective "ex-gay" therapy programs, Staver charged, LGBT History Month robs "[t]he innocence of our children" and places them "under assault":

Washington, DC - What are your kids studying in school today? Public schools from California to Florida are celebrating LGBT History Month, where they highlight a homosexual or lesbian each day. Today, America's school children are learning about Edward-turned-Gwen Araujo, who was intimate with men who allegedly beat him when they discovered that he was not a woman.

"If parents think our school children should be focused on science and math, not sex and murder, they need to talk to teachers, principals, and school boards to ensure that this program is stopped," cautions Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.

"The sexual assault on our children is mind-boggling," Staver says. Earlier this week, Mat Staver was in federal court in New Jersey challenging the new law that bans minors in the Garden State from receiving counseling to overcome unwanted same-sex sexual attractions, behavior, or identity. Liberty Counsel has already challenged a similar law in California. Washington, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia have introduced like measures that insert the government between the client and the counselor.

"Parents and concerned citizens must stand up to protect our children," says Staver. "Enough is enough! The innocence of our children is under assault in the public schools. Parents and concerned citizens must stand up and demand that public schools focus on the essentials of learning and not become vehicles of a sexualized agenda." 

Gwen Araujo's horrific 2002 murder became a galvanizing wake-up call for the transgender community, highlighting the misunderstanding, ignorance, and violence transgender people too often encounter. Liberty Counsel's red herring that it's better to teach science than to inform students about pivotal LGBT figures is particularly disingenuous, considering that the organization inveighs against the theory of evolution.

Liberty Counsel's opposition to LGBT History Month is far from surprising, given that the organization's Matt Barber has previously declared that simply acknowledging the existence of LGBT people promotes a "repugnant message." Moreover, the group represents Scott Lively, the extremist pastor who claims credit for Russia's assault on LGBT people and is currently facing a federal human rights lawsuit stemming from his influence over Ugandan legislation that made homosexuality punishable by death.

Even as it smears LGBT History Month as an act of "sexual assault," Liberty Counsel is quite happy to champion those who inspire real assaults on vulnerable populations.


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